Monday Mask #1

Hello beauties,
If your skin is dehydrating like mine you will see that most of the produced oil is due to a process named “rebound effect”.
This can happen, because the skin receptors receive a wrong message that the skin is dry. And to compensate there is an increase of oil production. 
Sometimes just when I wash my face more than two times a day, or when I abuse of the matifying cream, my skin gets oily.
The result? An already oily skin becomes oilier!
The solution? Hydrating! Hydrating! Hydrating!!!
Drink water every day and put a good moisturizer mask once a week. You can and should wash your face in the morning and at night with a good product and, always use a moisturizer with SPF or a solar protection after the moisturizer if yours doesn´t have SPF.
My personal experiences show me that it´s not good to choose rich nutrition mask but a hydrating mask is perfect.
I love to try new masks and my usual hydration mask from the pharmacy was finishing soooo I decided that it was the perfect time to go and buy a new one. When I entered at Sephora, I was immediately drawn to the Korean section. After several minutes trying different masks, I chose Philippines Coconut Hydrating mask from Skinfood. And I have to alert you guys, that I bought it with no feedback and no previous research (I never do that).

When I got home, I put my phone working on finding everything about this mask. Some reviews said that it was a no-no for oily skin and others said it was the best. I was confused but I decided to give it a try!
Before I give my opinion, let me tell you a little bit about what I found.
There are six freshmade masks from skinfood:
·         watermelon soothing wash off
·         cranberry toning wash off
·         coconut firming sleep pack
·         lemon brightening wash off
·         Apple hydrating wash off
·         pineapple peeking gel
So let’s talk about the one that I bought. According to the website, the coconut mask is:
“A firming treatment mask for cultivating smooth and resilient skin. its bursting moisture droplets promote soft and complete absorption”.
Coconuts have excellent moisturizing effects that firm and smooth the skin for a more radiant complexion. Great!
Let’s look at the principal ingredients: water, cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extort, chamomilla recutita (matricaria) extt, aloe barbadensis leaf extort, portulaca oleracea extort, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil and hydrolyzed collagen water.
I was a little bit septic on the coconut oil because I have occasional breakouts and the coconut oil is well known for cloaking pores.
But moving on…Directions (still according to the website): after cleansing, prep a refine your skin texture with a toner. Liberally and evenly apply mask all over your face, avoiding the areas around your eyes, and let it absorb.
Recommended use: once or twice a week at night.
What I have to say…
The mask come in a white jar packaging ant there is a safety seal so you know if it has been tampered with or not. The texture is a very liquid gel and it smells like a soft coconut tanner, it has a beautiful summer vibe. (I absolutely love the smell)

I already used this mask three times once a week, before I go to bed. I gently massage the mask in my face (just I little bit, don’t put too much if your skin is like mine) and leave it all night. Don’t worry you won’t feel it in your sheets or hair. Next day you can rise off or leave it (I always leave it).
The morning I woke up after my first time using it, my skin already looked and felt different.
And my pimples fear? In my skin, this mask didn’t irritate them and it even made the opposite (yeahhh) because they looked less noticeable. But I have to say, I don’t suffer from acne, so if you have a pro acne skin, make a test first. Put just a little bit in a small area and next day see how your blemishes are.
I know that not everyone likes to sleep with a mask on and I understand it. When I bought this for my oily but dehydrated skin I was a little bit septic, but don’t! You will not feel oilier, what you´re going to feel is a moisturized and soft skin because it equilibrates the oil.
I made my mother try it, she has a very dry skin and every week she begs me to give her some mask.
Verdict: I believe that there are more popular brands and more priced masks, but I tried this and I don’t have a single bad thing to say. Oh, and it only cost 13€ in Portugal and according to the website $13.00 for 95ml.
If you want more information about this mask, you can go to the Skinfood website (
A side note, I want to try other products from this brand like:
·         black sugar honey mask wash
·         egg white pore mask.
The black sugar says that it exfoliates and softens skin for a clear smooth complexion (who doesn’t want this?). And the egg white, according to the website is a rich albumine pore refiling cleanser that penetrates deeply into pores and remove pore clogging oil (I need this!).
Unfortunately, this doesn´t exist in Portugal so I’m going to make a little research in the website and see if they send to my country. (Cross fingers)
Did you try any of these masks? Leave a comment below
As always, all these thoughts are mine, I bought the mask by my own and decided to give my opinion.

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