Bourjois Blush


Hello beauties
Today I´m here to talk about one of the newest products in my collection. The Bourjois Blush.
The Bourjois brand is known for a long time, more precisely for 150 years and with really good products but I don´t know why, I never tried it until now.
What made me buy this product was the cute compact, the good reviews that I saw and of course the price.
Let´s talk about it…
It´s a mini blush in a compact package, perfect for traveling. It closes with a magnet, so you don´t need to worry if it opens on your purse. It came with a plus, a brush (I prefer the one that I have from Kiko, this is not my cup of tea).

The package doesn´t look cheap but you can see by the image that the letters are disappearing with time. For me, that isn´t a problem but I know that it can be for some people. But heyyy it´s cheap, they have to save in some part.
This blush exists in 20 colors, one for each type of skin and undertone. Mine is the number 10, the châtaigne dorée.
I chose this color because right now I’m really tan and I have a yellow undertone, so the peachy tones are the ones that I love the most.
This color has a beautiful shimmer that is almost like the sun is kissing your face. For me its a bonus because if you only have five minutes to get out of the house, with this you can skip the highlighter.

It´s a very pigmented blush so you have to be careful with the amount of product that you put on your face.
A tip to help on this process is to use a little amount of product, and before the application, tap the brush on something or in the air to lose the excess powder.
But if even with this tip, if you put a lot don´t worry, it blends well and you also can apply a little bit of setting powder to fade the color.  
In conclusion, I absolutely recommend this blush, it´s a really good product that will last you all day and it’s affordable.
You can buy it if you want:

·         boots for £7.99 just clicking on the link:
·         Perfumes e Companhia for 15,25€ just clicking on the link
·         Amazon for $11,35 just clicking on the link
Hope you liked this review and see you next time.

*This review is not sponsored. I bought this product and I’m only giving my opinion.

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