Sephora Smoothing & Brightening powder


Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about mattifying powders. As I already said, my skin is a mix of combo and oily, so when the weather is warmer, my T-zone always needs a little bit of mattifying powder. I have a few powders in my collection but I was feeling that none of them was doing his job (I have high standards).
So, I took my phone and googled ‘best mattifying powders’ (yes, I google it)! The results were a little bit disappointing. Some of them I knew that weren’t available in my country and the others were a little bit expensive. Laura Mercier setting powder was a perfect example, it has so many good reviews online but it is expensive and it doesn’t exist in Portugal.

After seeing all these posts about powders and knowing that Too faced is a brand that exists at Sephora, I decided to buy Born this Way loose setting powder. It costs $32 and according to the website it’s good for mattifying the skin and we could use it to bake under the eyes (Great, I thought). I was very astonished and sad when I discovered that this powder does not exist in my country (from all the range of products that Too Faced has, the one that they doesn´t have in Portugal, is the one that I want, how sad this is right?!).

When I was talking with the Sephora’s saleswoman, she advised me to purchase the Make-up Forever powder and for god’s sake I´m glad that I tried before buying it, because I did not like the effect at all. The skin became dull and all my dry areas became visible.

In the middle of it all, I ended up buying the Sephora Smoothing & brightening powder. It was very cheap and I didn’t had any expectations about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sephora’s brand! They have good matte lipsticks and one of my favorite concealers is from them. But I leave the store with the Make-up Forever powder on my face (That I didn’t like) and I was so disappointed with the lack of Too faced in my country (oh, and I really wanted a loose powder).

But let’s see the powder that I bought…

It has a simple packaging (a little bit difficult to open)! Inside the powder is white, it’s not a loose powder bit don’t worry because you don’t need to push very hard with the brush to get product. In the back, it said that ‘mattifies and sets makeup. Decreases the appearance of pores and fine lines. Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic‘.


  • Mattifying powder
  • Non-drying formula
  • Free from parabens and synthetic fragrances
 (great, great, great) 

I didn’t research or read any other reviews so this is only what I think about the product. 
It was love at the first try! It’s simple, practical and it results!!

The texture is not the best that you can buy but it’s light and feels weightless on the skin. 
And the best? It deals with my t-zone shine and helps setting up makeup without evidencing my patches 
(and did I mention the price?). 

VERDICT: It’s the best mattifying powder? Probably no! But it’s cheap and does the job? Absolutely yes!


3,75*of 5* (only because I want to try the loose powder from Too faced – of course it’s unavailable at my country,
but I can wait).

In Portugal, it costs 12€ and in the Sephora’s website you can buy it for $11. For more informations you can 
consult the website (

*As always, this review is not sponsored. I decided to buy this product and this review is only
based on my thoughts.


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