Monday mask #3

Estée Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask


Hello Beauties!

This week, for our #MondayMask, we bring you the Estée Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask.

The first thing I have to tell you is that I love Estée Lauder as a brand, I think that their products are amazing and with really good quality, and I have more makeup/skincare from them, like the Perfectionist foundation (if you want a review on this foundation, you can ask in the comments below).


I also have to tell you that I have really dry skin under my eyes and also dark circles that are genetic, even if  I sleep 3 or 10 hours. Because of this problem, I’m always looking for some good eye care that could give me hydration and some help smoothing the area.


Oh and you can also join the fact that I travel a lot, the air condition, that nowadays exists almost everywhere (including in the eight hours of work). Add to it some stress and some not so good nutrition and the result is disastrous for the skin.


Because of all this, I went a couple months ago to the store to buy a good eye mask. The saleswoman gave me some information about some masks and this one catch my eye, so I bought the “stress relief mask”.


I have been using this for a couple of months to give you my most honest opinion, because I read mix reviews about this and I want to clarify everything.


Let´s start for the first thing that made me buy this one, and that was the brand. Like I said I love Estée lauder and I believe in what they make.

Second was the package (I konw, I know…but sometimes I judge the book by its cover). Can you blame me?!

It comes in a green-bluish box with 10 individuals eye-mask. And it’s so appealing!

And third, of course, was what it promised to do!  As I already said, I travel a lot, so I need something to put under my eyes in a long flight to smooth the area and that doesn´t make me look like a panda that scares the others travelers. “The stress relief” is almost invisible when you put under the eyes and in a first look it seems that you are not wearing it.

Putting aside all the theories that made me buy this, let´s talk about practical things.

  •  How you should use the mask:
As I already said these masks comes in individual’s packets. To remove it, we have to open the packet and inside comes the two pads, one for each eye in a plastic compartment. They are soaked, so be careful. Using your fingers, gently separate the two pads and apply in each eye, like you see in the picture. The thinner side to the interior part and the larger to the exterior.

Then you wait 10 minutes and you can remove it. The remaining liquid you can tap into your skin.

When you apply the pad, it is really soaked but after 10 minutes they are dry almost like paper. So you can put that one hour if you want but will fall and won´t be doing anything after the time pass.

  • Effects

The website says that:

          Relaxes and refreshes the undereye area” – That is true but is a temporary feeling.
          Instantly rehydrates and smooths vulnerable skin” – True, I feel the area more hydrated and smoother, but also temporary but all the creams are like that. So nothing wrong, excellent for an airplane.
          “Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles with continued use” – I´m twenty-seven years old so I don´t have a lot of wrinkles and I also use eye cream for quite a bit, so in this topic I can´t give an opinion.

I also can give you two more utilizations that are not described:
  1. “Primer for make-up” – I’m one of the lucky ladies that can go out without foundation, but I always like to use a concealer. And each time I put make-up on after using the mask, my concealer is smooth, looks good, doesn´t cake and I like it. I know this isn’t a primer but if you have a party or a weeding and you need your makeup up to look good, you can use it as a ‘primer’.
  2. “Practical” – It comes in individuals, so you can put one inside your bag and do it wherever you want. Like I said before I use it quite often in an airplane, and thinking in others places, it can be used in the back of a taxi or after a long day or night, …

VERDICT:  It´s a good mask?! Yes but I think you can find better ones. Do I recommend?! Yes, I do if you are just looking for an instant puffiness that hydrates the area and you don´t have many problems under eyes. Will I buy it again?! Maybe for flights but I also want to try others to see if I can have better results, especially in the dark circles problems that I have.

And finally, is it worth the money?! IDK, this is not a cheap mask. Here in Portugal you can buy it for 45€ or $42 in the Estee Lauder website

( ).


Hope you like it! If you have some suggestions on a good mask for my dark circles, comment bellow.

 *This is not sponsored.



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