Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Blush

Hello beauties,
A few months ago, I had a thing for liquid blushes. Let me tell you, there’s not much to choose, at least here in Portugal.
One day I went to the mall to buy a carpet to my room and came back with a liquid blush!
As the title says, I bought YSL Fusion Ink Blush. This is a limited edition from Spring look 2016. Don’t get me wrong, I love and have less expensive brands, but I was feeling generous in that day and the product was at sales!
The back package says ‘The 1st YSL ink blush: a burst of fresh color that lasts until evening. Infuses like an ink: the featherlight color spreads seamlessly for vibrant, pink cheeks. Ultra-light, fresh and sensorial texture. A pleasant application with a unique boost of freshness’.
This blush is available in four colors: 1- Electric Red, 2- Pink Attraction, 3- Spicy Vibes, 4- Edge Berry.
I tried all four in store. The Electric red for my pale skin was too red, the number 3, Spicy vibes, was very orange and the Edge Berry was too pink for me (I never thought I would say something like this…I live for the pink color!). So, I bought the number 2, Pink Attraction.

Again, in the back package they give us a tutorial for a better application:
1.      Apply a dose of the formula on the apple of the cheeks.
2.      Blend quickly with your fingertips or the blush brush, applying the formula outwards in circular movements.

I really like the color that this blush gives to my cheeks and the effect is very pretty. But let me tell you, this is very difficult to blend.This is an ink and it dries so fast. I have to do one cheek at time and I need to be fast – like the Flash (ignore the geek side). If you get distracted you will end up with a big stain on your cheek and as I said before, this is like ink so in order to remove, you have to take off all the make-up you are wearing in that area.

If you spread with your fingertips prepare to see them all pink!! The faster you apply it, the easier will be the cleaning of your fingers. It is a little hard to remove with water, but a good make-up remover will do the job! I normally use a brush, because it blends more beautiful and natural than the fingers or a beauty blender.

oh. I almost forgot to talk about the smell. This smells so good! It’s like flowers, nothing too strong, but even when you wash it from your hand, you can feel a little bit of the perfume (You know the smell of expensive products?).
VERDICT: Do I use it? Yes, I really like it. It does the job very well and worth the money. But I have to say that I only use it when I have more time to do the makeup. If I’m in a hurry I use my Nars blush in powder with a brush and I’m gone! So, If you want to try a liquid blush and you already have train in this kind of blushes, buy this! You will like it.

I bought it in Portugal for 33,30€ but you can buy it in the YSL UK website for £35.00.


*This is not sponsored.


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