Sunday #3 – It’s new and we want to try it…

Hello beauties,

It’s Sunday so you know that we made a few researches on new products. Some drew our attencion, so, grab you credit card and tell us what product are you dying for… (These are ours)

·        Dermo 28 UNIEYE 15ML

I didn´t know about this brand, until it came to me by Instagram (@Dermo28) and for what I saw they have some good stuff.

I think that my mission´s life (I’m being dramatic) is looking for a good moisturizing eye cream because of my dark circles and dry under eyes, so the Unieye catch my attention.

It is a rich lipogel-specific eye contour with nutrition and moisturizing action (good, I like it), it has a powerful lifting effect (27 here, but I’m not getting younger).

According to the website, it is described to:

• Nourishes and illuminates the eye contour;

• It gives a tonic and elastic appearance;

• Reduces wrinkles, giving a lifting effect.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. I really have this cream under my eye (No pun intended!!)

·        Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Full Coverage Matte Foundation

The newest base from YSL already conquered so many bloggers and youtubers and sometimes I fell so mad to live in Portugal, because it´s not here yet (and I don’t know when will it be).

“The new 24-Hour, full coverage foundation (it’s what I need) with Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (good, some protection) provides uninterrupted flawless wear that looks and feels just applied, all-day. No-touch ups required, that can´t be better. Perfect for people that doesn´t want or don´t have time to do touch ups during the day (Me, me, me).

The website says that this formula won’t cake, dry, flake or fade.  (humm won’t it??) Transfer-proof (this is a problem with one of my favorites, the Armani Silk Foundation….alert white t-shirt!), oil-free and non-pore clogging.

Instantly blur and erase imperfections, pores, dullness and unevenness, wow that means that you don´t need a concealer?!

Finally, this formula is infused with a black tea anti-oxidant complex for additional skin care, that combats the signs of dullness and fatigue, while protecting skin from pollution. AMAZING

·        Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment

I could write about all Kiehl´s products, because I want to try a lot of them but the “Avocado eye cream” cutch my attention, and you know why.

This creamy eye treatment offers quick burst hydration for all skin types. (I don’t really believe that one cream is good for all skin types, but hey I believe when I see it)

  • Gently moisturizes the delicate under-eye area (check)
  •      Soothes skin with a uniquely-concentrated formula that won’t migrate under makeup (great)
  •      Incorporates highly-effective ingredients including Beta-Carotene, Shea Butter and Avocado Oil for skin hydration, perfect, perfect and perfect

Who wants more?! Come to Portugal please…

·         Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara

And the last one that caught my eye this week is the newest member of the Urban Decay gang. The troublemaker mascara.

First the name catch the ear, troublemaker.

It says that you will have super-fat and super-long lashes. That is a dream, of course.

And something that also interested me, is what the description says:  “sex-proof lashes”. What they want to say with this?! I´m going to challenge you guys. Try it and then comment below what are your thoughts on that particularity of the mascara.

I think this mascara will be perfect when I go to the gym. I always like to use just a little bit of mascara (don’t judge me) and if this pass the sex test it will pass the gym test. Because let’s face it, unless your boyfriend is Christian Grey, you always sweat more in the gym!

So that´s it for today. Have a great Sunday!

Hope you liked it and tell us your thoughts about these products.

*Not sponsored

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