Monday mask #4

GlamGlow Powermud DualCleanse treatment


Hello beauties,

When you are obsessed with masks and want to try every single one that exists in the world, that could be a little expensive. (Money don’t fall at our feet’s)
I don´t know if GlamGlow took pity on us (common mortals) or if it was some marketing strategy but they launched a pack with almost all their masks and I bought it!!!!
I’m starting this #GlamGlow masks review with the Detox mask. For a simple reason, it was the first one that I tried!
With all the flights, air conditions and no time for the right skincare, my skin had a little of a breakout. And you can join the fact that I discovered that I’m a little intolerant to gluten, and my skin suffers with that.
So, I realized that I need to detoxify my skin.
This mask has a really good reputation and I had my hopes really high with this one.
Talking about the package, you can see that mine is in a green tube, that is because it´s the mini version, that has 7g (0.24 oz.). The original version comes in a jar that as 15g (0.51 oz.), or you have the bigger one that has 50g (1,70 oz.).

If you are curious to know if the 7g worth the money, my answer is yes. I already used it 2 or 3 times and I still have product.

This mask is indulge in a multi-sensory cleansing experience, uniting the Power of Mud (that all the GlamGlow masks have) & the Power of Oil to achieve an amplified, deep cleansing and gentle results.

It promises to leave your skin like velvet.
The product itself has a greenish colour and have a strong but not bad smell.

The results?! Everything that they promised in the website, it´s real.

With time, all my whiteheads that I had (damn gluten!) are disappearing and my skin is looking great.

How should you apply?! Once or twice a week you put a thin layer in a clean and dry face and leave the mask there for 10 minutes. You will feel it drying in your face and it will be difficult to move your face.

To remove, you should apply water and do circular motions to transform into a Cleansing Oil Treatment, it’s a 2 in 1.

PS: that pimple that I have in the image, it´s already gone,  ehhhhhh!!!!

The price of the GlamGlow detox mask is $69.00 for 50g (1.71 oz.), $22.00 for 15g (0.51 oz.) and to buy it, you just need to click on the link:

The multi-masking pack isn´t available on the website but you can buy it in here  (This is a Portugal store and I’m not inside their ship method)

Hope you liked it!!

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