Preventative skincare


Hello beauties,

We all feel the pressure to be everyday perfect. Tv, magazines and social media created some stereotypes that we follow as beauty. Add the fact that we all want the perfect picture. Put your hand in the air if before you post a picture you take almost one hundred before you choose one! This made us all hyper-critical and worst, this is how we live in 2017. I would like to say that I’m not like this, and I can say that I’m not the worst, but I need to admit that I take too much time in makeup and skincare. I don’t believe in perfection but I like my skin, eyes and lips in a kind of way and I spend maybe too much time in the morning doing it.

Social media is making us all more aware of ‘signs of ageing’ that ruin the ‘camera ready’ skin we are after. I remember being a child and stealing some wrinkles cream from my mother. The smell made me feel more grown up and I really like it.

In my teen days, I didn’t have a good skincare. I never worried about it. I remember washing my face daily and that was it. But then it started the breakouts. I felt hyperconscious and I had the necessity to use a cream. But I was young and I didn’t understand what was the best. The one that I used helped me but in my 20 I still had some pimples in my forehead.

Last three years I change my routine, I wash my face in the morning and night with a good mattifying gel. I make an exfoliation once a week, use a good moisturize, eye cream, sun lotion and you all know about my masks obsession! 

Now that I have twenty-seven I’m starting to worry about my wrinkles. I already have some from expression, like in my forehead and a few in eyes (I’m using for some time Estee Lauder advance night eye cream and you can’t believe in the difference).

Skincare companies tell us twenty-something skins are inundated like never before by pollution, stress, and hard living. The air pollution exacerbates inflammation, wrinkles, age spots and acne. If we add the stress, on-to-go diets, processed food and sugar, we will notice that there’s been an increasing number of people suffering from patchy red skin and adult acne.

My grandmother has 82 years old, she never used a cream until she made 70 (I made her use one), and you won’t believe how good her facial skin is. It’s true that she has wrinkles but her skin is more radiant than mine. She never ate the stuff that I started eating when I was younger. And her philosophy of living doesn’t have the word stress in it!

We can’t change some of the reasons that make us wrinkles, but I believe that if using the right products from as early as you can you will have a healthier (less breakouts, eczema and sensitivity) and younger looking skin.

You can start with some cares like:

* Avoiding soap and facial cleanser with sodium laureth sulphate. These detergents will trip your lipid barrier, leading to problems including premature ageing.

* Use a good moisturizer. We are made from 70% of water and our skin needs it to function. Look for one with some hyaluronic acid and glycerin. If you have oily skin, look for one oil-free.

* A toner or cleanser with gentle AHAs will make a huge difference.

* You can and should use creams or serums with antioxidants (vitamin A, C and E).

I could give you a long list of expensive products that are very good to wrinkles but I think that  If you are starting to worry about your youthful glow, you should do like I did, and start with two simple products. We advise Clinique Pep-Start Eye cream and Garnier moisture Bomb night. Then after some time, add more or change if you see that is not enough.
What’s your perfect skincare product? The one that made you see your skin differently? Tell us.
*this is not sponsored

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