Filorga NCTF-ESSENCE Lotion régénérante supreme


My Holy Grail


Hello beauties,

We talk a lot about skincare and makeup, but even with the best foundation in the world, if your skin isn´t in her best shape (dehydrate, for example), it will not look good.

Skincare is the most important part of a routine, and having the best products for your face is an essential part, that´s why I care a lot with what I put on my face because, sometimes I like to go out with no makeup and for that, I need to have confidence that my skin is looking good.

I tender to change the products that I use in my skincare (I like to try new products, sue my skin!) but there is one that is in my morning & night routine and is not going anywhere: the Filorga NCTF-ESSENCE Lotion régénérante supreme. (what a long name)


This is not a cleanser or a tonic, it’s a lotion that you use before applying your serum or moisturizer and after the tonic, almost like a primer for skincare.

You have two ways of applying it, the first – which is the way I do – consists of putting some drops in your hands and then apply with circular motions. The second option (as simple) you only need to put some drops in cotton and apply. With this option, you waste more product because the cotton will absorb some but beauties, I could spend an hour just massaging my face with a cotton imbibed in this lotion. The feeling is so soft and gives you so much comfort!



This lotion is in the newest line that Filorga launched, the NCTF-REVERSE® line that is an intensive cellular anti-aging line produced by Laboratories FILORGA with four regenerating care products that each contains the equivalent of one professional injection of NCTF. I also have the cream but it can be used with all the creams and serums of all the brands because what it makes is prepare the skin to receive the other products making them enter better on the skin and making, of course, more effect. In a resume, this enhances the results of the others products.

The Lotion itself gives comfort to skin, hydration through 24 hours, radiance, antioxidant, anti-pollution, anti-wrinkles, anti-pores and enhance the next steps of your routine. Because it’s a water type lotion it can be used for all skin types, including the oil type.


It comes in a bottle of 150Ml and has a cost 60€, you can buy it here or


Am I going to buy it again?! I think the title says all, ABSOLUTELY YES. I love this product but that was I expected from a Filorga product. I adore all the products that I tried from them.


(This is my opinion about Filorga products. For example, until now Rita still didn’t found the right Filorga product for her skin type. But she agrees to try this. Let’s cross fingers!)


Do you like this brand? What products do you use?  Tell us in the comments below.


 *review not sponsored

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