3’ minute Beauty by Estee Lauder


Hello beauties,

A couple of months ago I think I made the best buy, I dare to say, of my entire year. I bought a kit from Estee Lauder with an eye repair cream and the double wear concealer for 10€ ($11,90). This kit is a limited edition and for what I saw, at the store that I bought, it was only for sale one month.
As I said, this kit brings a miniature cream, the Advanced Night Repair Eye 5ml/ 0.17 oz. and the Double Wear Concealer 1.9ml/0.06 oz.

Comparing with the non-miniature, we’ll see that the advanced night eye has 0.5 oz. and costs $60.00 and the double wear concealer has 0.25 oz. and cost $28.00, with this numbers you can see that this was a very good deal!
As you can see from the pictures, the Advance Night Repair eye cream looks very small, but do not kid yourself, this cream lasts a lot. I can tell you that I bought this almost three months ago and my jar is half full. And I use it every night!  

Besides the cream and the concealer, the packaging brought a leaflet with some tips on how to use this duo for better results, where they say to:

1.       Mix advanced night repair eye cream with a small amount of double wear concealer on the back of your hand.

2.       Apply the mixture to the entire under-eye area with a concealer brush or the ring finger.

3.       Add double wear concealer alone to inner and outer eye corners to “open” eyes. Blend to soften edges.

4.       Tap with your finger to blend.

Well, basically they’re saying that we should mix the eye cream and the concealer together. Normally, in the morning before I do my makeup, even before the primer, I put a good moisturizer, so I don’t use the way they’re saying we should use.
I use the eye cream every night before I go to bed. And in the morning, I make my moisturizer routine and then I put the concealer.

Let’s talk about the results. The advanced night eye cream is marvelous. I can’t describe it in another word. I have dark circles and they’re there, is true, but the fine lines that I used to have, they are less prominent!!

Before I use this cream, every concealer would stick in my fine lines under eyes and after using this eye cream,
I see such a difference!
The double wear concealer it’s a product that has already been talked about so much! Is it the best corrector? Maybe not, but it does his job to cover some imperfections and always disguise a little of my dark circles. I have to warn you, this cream is not the best for hydrating the under eyes, but it’s marvelous to the fine lines.

Will I buy this again? Absolutely! I already sent an e-mail to the store where I bought it, for them to let me know when will this pack be available again. If not, when my cream ends, I will wait for a discount and buy the big one. It will be a big break in my bank account but hey it’s worth!

I hope this review helps you decide if you want to give this kit a chance.

*not sponsored

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