Monday mask #6 – GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment

Hello beauties,

Today is Monday so it’s time to talk about another mask that we tried. We came back to a well-known brand: GlamGlow.

Did you know that GlamGlow started many years ago, as a brand used in Hollywood to help actress with their blemishes and imperfections before red carpet? Yes, that is right, but now is one of the hottest brands out there and one with the most reliable and innovative products.

If you remember, we talked about the detox mask from GlamGlow, a couple of Mondays ago, you can check here. If you do remember, I bought a set with all the GlamGlow masks, so this week I decided to try another one, the SuperMud Clearing Treatment.

Honestly, I bought the GlamGlow kit because of this mask, even not having a lot of breakouts I have some whiteheads because of my gluten problem and is rare to find a mask that claims to help with whiteheads (and not only blackheads as the majority), so I wanted to give it a try.

The Supermud is an acne treatment perfect for oily and combination skin, that deeply cleanses pores, eliminating black and whiteheads by drawing out the sebum while clearing and preventing breakouts. It also says that helps with the texture of the skin, improve the synthesis of collagen, anti-ageing and minimize pores. Perfect, right?

I already used it a couple of times. It says that you can leave it there for 5 to 20 minutes but the first time I used; I only could handle it for 7 minutes, the feeling of stretching and tingling was too much for me. After taking off, my skin was soft, not red and I could see that I had fewer whiteheads.

The other times I handle it for 20 minutes and the coolness that I felt during the time was a good sensation and the smell is good, it smells like eucalyptol but not too strong After it dries it´s really difficult to move your face. It´s almost like you have cement all over your face.

After the time had pass, it will be grey and you will see small holes in the mask, (if you have many holes that means that you have a lot of blemish and heads to take off, so sorry about that) and will be completely dry. You take it off with water and will see that it´s really easy.

You can use this in three ways.

·         all over your face if you have an oil skin or a really problematic skin. On this situation, I suggest for you to use after a moisturizing cream or a hydra mask

·         Just in the “more” normal areas that are our T zone and our chin

·         Has a spot treatment

Application tips: Apply a thin layer. You can use your fingers but it will be a little dirty and not sanitarium especially if you have the jar, you know what I mean. Thanks god that mine is on a pipe. The best way is using a brush. Glamglow sells separately the brush but a foundation brush will do the job.

The results are a soft, brighter, and smoother skin. It didn´t take the black and white heads at once but you can see some results on the first try. What I also saw (also in the first time) was a less red pimple that I had. The mask reduced the inflammation.

We need to be careful with this mask in the sun. Don´t use if you´re going to the beach or if you know that you skin will be exposed to the sun. Also, just use it twice a week because it can dry your skin a little bit.

This Mask isn´t formulated with Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates, that is good for our skin.

The composition is:

– ACNECIDIC-6™ 4.4%- good for clearing the skin

-Activated-X Charcoal – Absorbs toxic substances from our skin

-K17-Clay – absorbs the excess of oil, bacteria and toxins

-TEAOXI – this is what gives the coolness sensation because is also mixed with eucalyptol, linalool oil, and powerful flavonoids derived from real pieces of eucalyptus leaf. 

I´m going to keep using it to better results, and beauties my skin is so much better.

Because my mask is included in a kit, it´s a small version of it, it has 30g 1Oz. The original one comes in a jar (mine comes in a pipe) and have 50g or 1,7Oz and have a cost of $69.00.

Is it worth the value?! This is a difficult question to answer because it depends. Yes, it’s expensive and the major of us can´t spend all this money is a jar of mud, but this works and one glamGlow jar will last you almost a year! This is just my opinion, it worked on me and if you’re curious, go check other reviews – 80% of what I read said wonderful things about it too. Even in the Sephora´s site you can see some studies that were made and the percentages are huge.

We can say that are dupes, true and maybe some are equally good and less expensive. I will search and try them. But today I can say that no other mask did what this did to my whiteheads!

In conclusion, I really like this brand and this mask, not denying.

Did you use this mask? Comment below your thoughts

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