Darphin Intral Voile protector Urbain

Hello beauties,

Unfortunately, summer is almost over, the leaves starting to fall, the weather is getting cold and our autumn clothes are starting to get out of the wardrobe.

But even not seeing the sun in this cloudy sky doesn´t mean that we can´t worry about our skin being exposed to the sun. That´s why Darphin launch in February this new product.

It’s not the first time that I talk about a Darphin product (if you want to see the other review click here) but I realized that I didn´t talk a lot about this brand.

Darphin is a French skincare brand that fuses the finest botanical ingredients with innovative technologies, professional expertise, and sensory specialized techniques.

They have some amazing products but today we are here to talk about one their newest the Darphin Intral Voile protector Urbain.

The voile is a shield used to protect our skin against the sun, it has Spf 50 with a mix of 100% mineral UVA/UVB filters but it also protects our skin against anti-radicals and pollution with the help of wheat protein.

It pretenses to the Intral collection, that means that even the most sensitive skin can use this product.

The Intral collection is made for sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation. All the products from Intral help to remove the itching smooths the skin, reduce the appearance of the redness and repair the strengths of the natural barrier that our skin has.

This voile is a nude tone fluid that disappears onto the skin leaving it smoother, luminous and protected without the feeling of sticking that many sun protectors have.

It is to be applicated at the morning after your usual cream and is great has a makeup base, or in other words as a primer. You can also apply in the under eyes area, that´s good but we also need protection in that area. Oh, and don´t forget to shake before the application.

If you are on a no makeup day, this also can be used alone for a radiant skin with protection.

I have been using this every single day as my cream, and I didn´t have breakouts that sometimes we can have with SPF, I don´t get oily and my makeup stays all day without using a “normal” primer. I don´t use this as a sun protector when I go to the beach but you can use especially if your skin is sensitive. I just don’t do that because I have others so I let this stay for my normal skincare at morning.

It has 30mL -1Oz, costs $45.00 and you can buy it on Darphin´s website.

Did you try this product or any Darphin´s products? Leave your opinion in the comments below.

*not sponsored

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