Sunday #6 – It’s new and we want to try it…

Hello beauties,

Here we are for another relax Sunday (I keep telling you that this is better than yoga. I hope my yoga teacher don’t read this). After this longer week, we need it. (Is it my impression or was it a very long week?). Don’t worry, I’m not going to start talking about my Christmas craziness, but we can talk about the fact that summer is ending. Bah. In Portugal, we already can tell that the warm weather is ending, I still don’t know if I’m happy with that. One way I’m sad because I like the sun and the summer clothes are prettier but on the other hand I already miss the raining days plus a couch with a blanket and a good book! On a side note, are you reading something that is worth it? (My trilogy books are ending…)

There I am rambling about thinks you don’t want to know… Let’s come back to the point: Sunday, New and we want it! (I like to think that we need it)

So, this week, our chosen website is Nordstrom*! Honestly, I never made an order from this website, but after seeing so much good stuff, I probably will.

According to our style and skin type.  Here’s our picks…

*it’s always good to remember that we don’t receive nothing from the websites we chose.

# Bobbi Brown Longwear Liquid liner – 30.92€

I like Bobbi Brown products, I can´t deny. Adding my love with eyeliners, I think this is a good choice. This liner is a new formula that dries to an indelible, flexible finish and provides all-day, fade-free wear (at least it’s what they say, I still didn’t buy it so I can’t give to you my opinion). It contains a blend of iridescent pearls for a high-shimmer line. Normally I like the mattes but I’m good to try this! A pro is that it’s water-resistant (so girls with broken hearts, you can cry and don’t worry about looking like a panda).

# Origins Three-Part Harmony – Three phase Essence lotion 5 oz. – 34.45€

This lotion is perfect for everyone with combination skin. (Me, myself and I). According to the website, it reawakens skin’s youthfulness, repairs dehydration and restores luminosity. This lotion consists in a three-phase formula that when shaken, blends into a potent liquid lotion powered by tazetta, lily bulb and myrtle. It should be used twice a week before bedtime, simple, right?

# GlamGlow Galacticleanse – Hydrating Jelly Balm Cleanser- 31.80€

Galacticleanse is a jelly-to-milk cleansing balm that wash away daily makeup buildup and impurities, leaving you with a silk smooth, hydrated and purified skin. This has powerful ingredients including nourishing moonflower oil and detoxifying bamboo charcoal that lift away impurities and renew the skin. If you follow our blog, you know how much we love GlamGlow masks (check our Monday masks, as the name said we post a new one every Monday).

# Dior Origami Blush – 61.84€

I don’t know what but when I read the name of this blush all I could think about was the Orgasm by Nars. I made an association with the words Origami-Orgasm (one has nothing to do with the other…besides the fact that both are blushes).

Dior is a luxury brand so it’s normal when we see a blush that costs 61€. It says that revives radiance and enhances the cheekbones in a single brushstroke.

Is it good? I don’t know, I would love to try it but I know that for that money I will not buy it. (maybe next year it will be at sales).

# Laura Mercier Kohl Eye pencil – 22.08€

These eye pencils are formulated for lining the inside of the eyelid and the base of lashes. According to the website, the pencil is soft, creamy and the formula glides easily for a balanced line or a perfect ‘smoky eye’.

It’s available in six colors. Personally, I like the Black Navy, Black Violet and the Brown Copper.

In order, we have: Black Navy, Black Violet, Brown Cooper, Night Fall, Stormy Grey and Black Gold.

# Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloes, Cumcuber & Green tea – 6.18€

This spray it’s perfect for all skin types. It delivers a cooling boost of hydration. Green tea provides powerful antioxidant protection, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. My Caudalie facial spray is ending so when I saw this I thought that maybe it’s a good replacement product. I will probably order this item (let’s be honest, the price it’s pretty good too).

# Estée lauder Victoria Beckham Highlighter – 66.25€

As I said last week, this collection is beautiful but very pricey! The highlighter is beautiful, and the packaging is great if you like to collect luxury makeup.

This one is a rose-gold highlighter with a shimmer finish.

Will I buy it? No. it’s too expensive. But I would love to try it but it’s unlikely so I keep looking at it on my computer.

# Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Neo-Trio Palette – 51.24€


This is a three in one palette with a bronzer, highlighter and a setting powder. The palette includes the bestselling products from this brand, perfect to take for travel.

In order:


          Neo-Setting Powder (0.25 oz.)

          Neo-Limelight in Ibiza (0.25 oz.)

          Neo-Bronzer in Capri (0.25 oz.).



# Bastide Scented Hand & Body Lotion 10 0z. – 39,75€


You can choose between: Ambre Soir, Figue Dete, Miel de Lavender. I don’t even hesitate on choosing the Miel De Lavande. I love the smell of lavender! It’s one of my favorites scents.

This is a natural lotion that thanks to a natural formula made with soothing Provence lavender honey, olive oil and calendula, provides deep skin nourishment.

The lavender honey and olive oil provide nourishing benefits, while calendula provides healing properties.

We can’t forget that this brand is paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; mineral oil-free; GMO-free; DEA/MEA/TEA-free; petrolatum-free; BPA-free; silicone-free; toluene-free; gluten-free. And the best it’s that the products are not tested on animals!

I really want to try the products from this brand, they look all very natural. Check their hand cream, oil, soap and even Eau de toilettes! You will be torn to choose just one product (like I am).

#  Living Proof Blowout Styling & Finishing Spray – 13.25€ (2 oz.)- 22.97€ (5 oz.)


This product is powered by the brand’s breakthrough Thermal Speed-Shaping Technology that helps with a faster, easier and more professional-looking blowout. It helps with protection (up to 450 degrees) while holding your style.

# Tom Ford Boys & Girls Lip Color 0.07 oz. each – 31.80€

First let me tell you that you can buy each one alone for 31.80€ or if you are fortunate to have a big bank account you can but the entire collection for 1749.08€.

Me? I have to see each if I like the texture and the color (and my bank account doesn’t allow it) so I buy just one or two. If I like them, then I will buy more.

It consists of 50 lip colors named after women Tom Ford’s admires, from intimates to collaborators from around the world.

These lip colors have vitamin C and E plus shea butter to help lavish lips with saturated moisture.

25 lipsticks have an Ultra Rich finish, with full coverage and high shine vivid color.

25 lipsticks have a Sheer Finish, with hydrating and moisturizing formula that delivers the perfect pop of color.

# Lo & Behold – Wildflower Hair & Body Oil – $16.00

As always, we reserve some space for brands that we discover on Instagram. This week it’s Lo & Behold!

It was difficult to choose one product from this brand, because everything looks so good. So, we choose the newest product: Wildflower oil. We can use it as a body moisturizer or massage, hair, bath, and shave oil. It has nutrient-dense Organic Golden Jojoba Oil to replenish dry hair, reduce skin inflammation, and balance skin. It also includes vitamin E for his collagen producing properties, scar tissue prevention, and ability to promote healthy follicles.  

Take a look at their Tinted Lip balms, they look very good (I’m torn between the Rose and the Lavender, each one costs $7.00). You can buy everything at

Have you tried any of these products? Comment down below.

*not sponsored.

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