Monday mask #7 – Vichy Mineral Pore Purifying Clay Mask


Hello beauties,

Last Monday we talked about the Glamglow super treatment mask (click here) and if you read that review, you’ll remember I said that I tried other masks (allegedly with the same effect).

SO, I thought, why not talk about one of them? This one, we can say that is almost a dupe to the Glamglow.

Vichy is a well-known brand with some great products. Did you try the Slow Age cream?! Amazing anti-aging product and the smell it’s from another world. (I’m so dramatic, I know. But it’s really good)

But we are here to talk about their masks, after all it´s our #mondaymask day.

They have three types of masks with different types of actions:

    DOUBLE GLOW PEEL FACE MASK – for a gentle peeling of dead cells;

    QUENCHING MINERAL FACE MASK – hydrating face mask;

    MINERAL PORE PURIFYING CLAY MASK – eliminate excess of sebum and impurities.

I already tried all the three of them, all have pros and cons, but the one I liked the most was the MINERAL PORE PURIFYING CLAY MASK.

This Clay mask is used to do a quick and deep skin detox, purifying the pores and at the same time smoothing the skin.  It claims to, since the first application, remove the dirt, pollution, and makeup from the skin leaving it more comfortable, mattified and cleaned.

This mask is formulated with:

    two white clays, the Kaolin, and the Bentonite – these two clays absorb the excess of sebum and impurities from the skin.

    Aloe Vera – it´s there to hydrate the skin and smooth it.

    Vichy mineralizing thermal water– to strengthen the skin´s moisture barrier function and of course protect against aggressors.

    And let’s not forget that is paraben free.

Application tips:

    Apply once or twice a week on a dry skin (a little bit goes a long way so you don´t need a lot of product)

    Let it rest for 5 minutes (don´t let it pass the 5 minutes or don´t let it dry fully because that will mean that your skin is also drying underneath)

    Rise with warm water

I usually apply it on my chin and sometimes on my T zone. As you know, unlike Rita’s skin, my skin is not oily so, I don´t need to put it on my entire face. I just need to take the impurities off, especially my whiteheads.

The package is a simple (but a little bit heavy) jar, made of transparent glass with a white tamp. The mask itself has also a grey color and doesn´t have a strong smell. If we were comparing with the Glamglow super treatment, the smell of the Vichy one was much less intense.

This mask doesn´t dry like the others clay masks, once again like the GlamGlow mask. You feel your skin being harder but not in a way that you can´t blink or smile.

Because of that, this is a good mask for all types of skin, the oily one’s will love because it will take the excess of sebum and the dry one’s will also love because this is a gentle clay mask that doesn’t dry to the limit.


Because this is a gentle mask, you will not see in a single use all the pores cleaned but you will feel your skin smoother and cleaner. For a better result, you need to keep using it once or twice a week for a couple of weeks (more than one month for better results).

Since we are somewhat comparing with the GlamGlow super treatment, we can say that, in terms of results we are going to see faster results with the GlamGlow but if your skin is drier you will love this one.

Now let’s talk about another important topic: the price! Vicky costs $20.00 (75ml – 2.5 oz.) and the Glamglow costs $69.00 (50ml – 1.7 oz.). It’s a big difference. I can’t tell you if you will like this one better that the other or that they are the same because they are not. But I can tell you, that this Vicky mask it’s a good mask, and that you probably will like it as much as I do.

Thank you for being here. Comment down below if you already tried this mask, or if you know about a better dupe for GlamGlow Super Treatment.      

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