Monday mask #8 – L’Oréal Paris Mask Detox effect

Hello beauties,

Did you see our ‘It’s new and we want to try it…” from yesterday? Take a look clicking here.

If you remember, two weeks ago Joana talked about the Glamglow SuperMud Clearing Treatment and last week she talked about the Vicky that she tried and truly liked. This week we are going to continue our search for Glamglow’s dupe. After some research on google, I think I found one that is not exactly the same but for what I could see it’s almost.

L’Oréal it’s a well-known brand (their Balmain lipsticks are still giving me dreams) and they have a lot of products. Their hair products are always in my bathroom as their makeup products. The skincare part, I have to be honest, I don’t use so much. Let’s be clear, I don’t have nothing against them, I just don’t have more because I don’t know them. Here in Portugal, the supermarkets have just one shelf with a lot of creams, but for what I could see, almost all are for mature skins (and I’m still 27 years old). If you know a good L’Oréal skincare product, please share with me.

Let’s come back to the principal topic. Detox mascara. Spoiler alert: I love it!

According to the box, L’Oréal selected 3 pure clays and combined them with charcoal and its magnetic properties, in a creamy texture that doesn’t dry, while purify the skin and reveal its health.

They associated 3 pure clays:

          KAOLIN: this clay is rich in silicates, known by its capacity of absorbing the oily excess and impurities.

          MONTMORILLONITE: this clay is rich in minerals, combating the imperfections.

          MOROCCAN LAVA CLAY: this clay is very concentrated in trace elements, helping the skin shine.

In this collection, L’Oréal has 3 different clay masks:

          Purifying mask: purify and mattify the skin. (Green)

          Detox mask: detox effect, brighten. (Black – we are talking about this)

          Exfoliating mask: exfoliate the skin while minimizing the pores. (Red)

Do you remember last week #MondayMask about Vichy?! Can you see the similarities here?!

I already tried all of three, when they were released in my country, L’Oréal had a campaign and they gave me a sample of each one.

The Purifying it’s pretty good on that days when we feel our skin super oily. It mattifies the skin and you’ll feel very clean. First and according to what each one says, I thought that this was the best for me.

The exfoliating mask has a consist that I didn’t like but the result is good. I didn’t feel any difference in my pores, but maybe it’s because I only used it two times.

The detox mask was my favorite, I had to buy the real size! This mask is perfect to do on a weekend. When you feel your skin is dead, you use this and it’s like the sun to Superman! You can say that I’m a little bit dramatic, but I’m not in this case. It is not surprising that this mask is indicated for dull – tired skin.

Other good thing it’s the fact that if you have pimples, this mask will help them disappear. Don’t get me wrong they will not disappear with just one use – the mask its black but it’s not black magic, but if you have a good cleansing routine and if you use this mask one/two times per week, after some time you will see a difference on your skin. Even in the first application, you’ll see a little difference, in my case, I felt them less inflamed.

As you know, I have combo skin and when I feel my skin oilier, I also use this. When I rise it, I immediately can feel my skin more balanced. The charcoal absorbs the oily excess and the impurities that our skin accumulates over the day.

Let’s quickly talk about appearance. The box its green (all three masks are) but according to the function, they change the color of the down part of the package.

The packaging its minimal but very pretty. It a heavy glass jar with a white and green tamp. It’s very easy to open and close.

The product it a smooth black cream that when dry turns grey.

How you should use it:

On a clean skin, apply two or three times per week, in a fine layer, avoiding the eyes and mouth contour. Let it dry 10 or 15 minutes until the mask change the color from black to grey. You will see your pores in this stage and the oily that the charcoal absorbed. Rise with warm water.

Until now , I talked about everything that I love about this, but everything has its cons. I only can find two, that for me are not important! The first is the smell. This has a strong smell. So, if you are asthmatic or have some problem with strong smells, probably you will not like this. Sorry.

The second it’s the fact that when this dry, you will feel difficulties on moving the face. So, stay still when you are letting this dry. You can talk and smile but you will have difficulties on having big conversations without feeling the push on the skin. But yeah, you can be quiet for 15 minutes. Take Oprah’s advice and enjoy this time meditating.

Last, but not least, this mask as 50 ml and it says that it’s good to 10 applications (I feel that it lasts more than this). In Portugal it costs 9.90€ but you can buy it on L’Oréal website for $12.99.

What do you think about this mask?

*not sponsored

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