Yves Rocher – Makeup Remover Glove

Hello beauties,
If you are a beautyworkers follower you know all about my makeup remover routine. I wash every day my face with a good cleanser, an eye makeup remover and in the end, I like to use a micellar water. Sometimes I’m lazy and I love a good makeup remover that doesn’t need water!
I like my routine, I think in the end my skin is not 100% clean but I like to think that it’s at least 90-95%. But I know that this is impossible, so I’m always changing cleansers. I already found one that I like but this routine has a big bad con: environment!
Normally (I’m not proud of this), I use 4-5 cotton pads. Can you imagine how many we spend for month? It’s absurd. I never stopped and thought about that. Add the packages of the makeup cleanser and in the end of the year tell me how much you spend in money and in materials that are bad for our ecology and nature.
I know that I´m not the most ecological person on earth, I have my cotta of non-ecology situations but when I can, I like to think about nature and our future.
Do you know how long does it takes for plastic to biodegrade? Neither did I, but I made a little investigation and discovered that it needs 50-80 years! That’s insane if we think about all the plastic that we use every day in our beauty products!
These reasons made me search for other types of makeup removers.  Every month I like to sit with some magazines and chose new products that I’m interested on trying. In one of these times, I came across the Yves Rocher magazine; I love their gel shower and some other skin products. When I saw their latest product, I couldn’t believe: A Makeup Remover Glove.



I really like Yves Rocher philosophy. This brand is eco-friendly and their products are 95% naturals. So, I decided to give this product a chance. It was very affordable (launching promotion) so I bought two.
This glove is made with a very soft white material. It’s really soft, believe me. I tried with no big expectations but it was a very good surprise.
It’s very simple to use and you only need water.
1.       Dampen the makeup remover glove with warm water.
2.       Gently remove makeup from face, eyes and lips while cleansing.
I use this glove almost for a month and I can’t believe how good it is! It so easy and quick to remove the makeup.
The first time, I was just using a bb cream, concealer and mascara. When everything came off in seconds I was Wow but I needed to test it with heavy makeup.
So, today, I used foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, highlight and a matte lipstick that it’s always difficult to take off!


Don’t make force using it, is not needed. Softly, pass the glove in your face, if you see that it’s more difficult with some product (like a matte lipstick or a waterproof mascara) you just need to stay still a few second with the glove on the local and then swipe it.  This is suitable for sensitive skin.
And there’s more. Prepare yourself: this product is washable and reusable for up to 3 months! You just need to wash the glove using water and soap after every use and let air dry (don’t worry these pretty nails, it’s easy to wash and normally I do it at night and next morning it’s alread dry).
I’ve been using this glove almost a month and I wash it every day. As you can see, looks like its new.
This product is respectful of the environment, and really helps reduce the use of disposable cotton pads. Even the box is made from ecological card.
What do you think? Do you know other brands with these types of gloves? Comment down below.

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