Sunday #8 – It’s new and we ant to try it…



Hello beauties,

How was your week? Mine was fast. Maybe because here in Portugal we had a holiday (5th October). It was so good to stay at home, I had so many duties to do, some throat pain … can you imagine how good it was?! (being ironic here) I probably stayed more time on the couch that doing my duties at home but at least I still had the weekend (happy to say that I did everything I had to do)!

You know, I’m always saying that seeing these new things we talk about here are better than a yoga class, so I needed to see if that was real. Finally I went to a yoga class. I’m not going to talk about the bearded, topless man that was beside me (and how his shorts were soo short) but I will tell you that I full acknowledge that time passes more slowly in a yoga class than anywhere else on earth (every time I looked at the clock it was 20 minutes earlier than I expected).  But, I will comeback this week. I full intent on deciding what is better and what calm me more (I have anxiety, always had, probably always will).

As you probably noticed, I’m always rambling, so please bear with me, and let’s move on to our segment.

This week, we chose Beauty Bay* as our website! What I liked about this website is that they make deliveries to almost every country and they have a page full of new things of almost every brand we know. I never made an order from this website because I think that their customs are a little expensive (sometimes they have great promotions), but I’m very curious on seeing how they package the order and how much time they take to make the deliveries. I already see some things that I want.

Here’s our picks…


* we don’t receive nothing from the websites we choose.



#  L.A. Girl Ultimate Auto Eyeliner – €5.80

The Ultimate Auto Eyeliner precisely lines, defines the lash and water line. It’s twistabletwistable and made with a gel grip, making it a comfortable pencil that glides seamlessly over the skin for an intense color with no smudging or smearing. It´s available in 8 bold colors.



Shades Available (image order):

Continuous Charcoal – A deep grey.

Deepest Brown – Dark brown.

Lasting Brown – Chocolate brown.

Never Ending Navy – Dark blue.

Perpetual Purple – Deep purple.

Super Bright – A neutral beige.

Totally Teal – A blue green.

Ultimate Black – Carbon black.



# Lovely Day Hyaluron & Bloom 50/100 ml – €20.70/€32.20

This is a alcohol-free toner that treats and illuminates the complexion. It can be used daily as part of a skincare routine. It stimulates cell turnover, eliminate impurities, balance the skin and last but not least, it minimize the size of the pores. According to the website, its suitable for all skintypes. Well, I don’t know. When I see a product suitable for all skin types, I always take a step back. But I want to try so see it…



# Gerald Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray 100ml – €18.70

Formulated to control the amount of oil produced, Slay All Day Setting Spray naturally mattifies the skin whilst promoting a natural finish that will complete any makeup look. It’s available in a selection of 11 fragrances each one with 100ml.  It prevents the makeup from going ‘cakey’ and settling into the fine lines and pores of the skin. I’m torn between Lavender and Jasmine. You all know about my love for Lavender, right?


Scents Available:

Peach – Rich fruity aroma.

Lavender – Earthy floral scent.

Jasmine – Light floral fragrance.

Green Tea – Subtle herbal notes.

Lemongrass – Citrus-infused aroma.

Cucumber – Soothing scent.

Grapefruit – Sweet and tangy scent.

Watermelon – A cooling, summer fragrance.

Coconut – A tropical scent.

Mango – A light, fruity scent.

Rose – A floral fragrance.



# LASplash Diamont Eyeliner – €8.80

This was a last add to this segment. Since I already choose the L.A. Girls Eyeliners, I didn’t want to repeat but I think these eyeliners are so unique and perfect for a Halloween makeup. As you can see this is a glittering liquid eyeliner and is available in 5 shades. They look really beautiful, but Fool’s gold was the one that caught my eye (see what I did here?! eheh)


Shades Available:

Chandelier – Glittering deep gold.

Crystal Ball – Purple glitter.

Fool’s Gold – Deep golden bronze glitter.

Pink Sparkles – Pale glittery pink.

Tiara – Glittering silver.



# Dose of Colors Satin Lipstick – €17.50

I’m in love with these semi-matte lipsticks. They are available in four colors, and I’m tainted on buying them all.

According to the information on the website, Satin Lipstick glides seamlessly and precisely over the lips. They exist in 10 colors but Beauty bay only have 4 of them. These vegan lipsticks are richly-pigmented and dry to a soft, creamy matte finish.


Shades Available:

Lava Cake – Plum red brown.

Mocha – Rosy taupe.

Butterscotch – Nude beige.

Fudge – Dark chocolate brown.



# Eloise Beauty Get Glowed Illuminating Drops – €29.20

Get Glowed Illuminating Drops are available on Beauty Bay in 3 skin-flattering shades. With a pipette applicator, mix as desired with moisturizers and foundations, or pat directly on all skin tones to create a rich, buildable glow.


Shades Available:

04 Gold Getter – Yellow gold.

06 Bronze Goddess – Metallic bronze.

07 Unicorn – Deep pink.



# Jeffree Star Cosmetics Manny MUA Skin Frost Uranus 15g – €29.80

Skin Frost Uranus is a shimmering, buildable powder highlighter. In a mirrored compact, the finely milled and highly pigmented pressed powder brightens cheekbones, brow bones and the cupid’s bow with a soft, warm gold glow.



# Misslyn Shaping Queen Blush & Highlighter Stick – €10.60

Shaping Queen Blush & Highlighter Stick enhances a subtle, instant blush and a radiant complexion. Designed for maximum convenience, this double-ended pencil creates fresh, rosy cheeks without brushes or powders. It’s perfect for travel and handbags.


Shades Available:

2 – A bronzed blusher and highlighter.

4 – A red blusher with fair highlighter.

6 – A pink blusher with fair highlighter.


# Laura Geller All Over Glow 2 Piece Kit 20g – €32.80

This kit contains a body bronzer (Baked Body Frosting in Gilded Glow) in a sparkling golden caramel and a lollipop inspired applicator, delicately build and dust on powder to create an eye-catching finish.

I don’t know if this applicator is good or not but we can’t deny that is cute.  The bronzer packaging reminds me the bronzer from Borjois that we already talk in this blog (if you have curiosity, click here).



# Violet Voss Nicol Concilio Palette – €46.80

Inspired and designed by beauty vlogger Nicol Concilio, the Nicol Concilio Palette consists of 20 matte, metallic and satin shades. In mirrored, holographic casing. Each pan is infused with jojoba oil to create a buttery, blendable texture with a highly-pigmented finish.


Shades (left to the right):

NYC – White.

Zo-Zo – Pale gold.

Bruh – Matte tan.

Pizza – Matte light brown.

Mars – A matte red toned brown.

Daisy – A matte cream.

Hangry – Medium matte brown.

Blou – A light, red toned brown.

Hey Girl – Deep brown.

Chawwcolate – Dark chocolate brown.

Glorious – Rose gold.

Nicol – Dark brown.

Sagittarius – Light brown.

GiGi – Bronze.

Palm Tree – Golden green.

L.A – Yellow gold.

Victoria – Dark gold.

Boop-Bop – Matte brown.

Pingy – Shimmering navy blue.

Retrograde – Matte black.



# Starskin JuiceLab Twist & Sprout Power C + Booster Mask – €12.80

For what I could see, they have a few masks on this website. But I need to choose one, I think this would be the best for me. It’s formulated with a nourishing blend of Wheat and Celery. Packed with Vitamins A, C and E, it’s indicated to fight inflammation and breakouts whilst promoting a smooth, even complexion.



# OskiaCity Life Cleansing Concentrate 40ml – €45.20

This cleansing gel is formulated for environmentally stressed complexions. It cleans, hydrates and protects. It’s also packed with vitamins, daily used to reach deep within the pores and remove all traces of makeup and skin pollutants




# Stila One Step Prime 30 ml – €26.40

I’m still searching for a good primer. Normally I use my Hangover but lately I feel that I need to try others. I did. But I still didn’t find one that sweeps away my feet.

Stila One Step Prime allows for perfect foundation application, creating a clear, smooth base. Filling pores and fine lines, the swirled, helix serum uses skin-conditioning silicones to enhance the complexion and prolong makeup wear. The Silicones are the only thing that I’m not comfortable. So, I don’t know if this is for me.

A pro is the fact that it contains 15 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.



# Yeouth skincare Dead sea mud mask with hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Oatmeal and Avocado Oil – $19.95 (discounted price)

As always, we reserved some space for brands that we discovered on Instagram. This week we are talking about Yeouth skincare. After contacting them, they were so nice and answer our questions very quickly.

Their newest product is the facial cleanser but the dead sea mud mask was what call my attention.

Dead sea mud is known for is benefits, it: Detoxifies, increases circulation, Improves Skin Health, treats skin Conditions (such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and vitiligo), Moisturizes skin & Treats acne, Relieves ache & Pain. So, when I see that this mask had this ingredient I was immediately interested on trying.

According to their website, this mask improves the complexion by helping shrink pores, reducing the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles while attracting the toxins from the skin. It also helps exfoliate dead skin cells. Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Oatmeal, & Avocado Oil, it helps promote a healthy balance of moisture in the skin. Do you see why I want to try it?

If you are interested, you can buy it on their website, clicking here or on Amazon by putting this code in – AEAFA001 (one time use only).*




Have you already tried any of these products? Comment down below.

*We don’t have any affiliate link and the codes we provide you are codes that everybody has access. They are not made for us.

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