Monday Mask #10 – Kiko Bubble Maker Mask


Hello beauties,

It´s Monday, time for another Monday Mask.

Kiko recently launched the Mask Parade. It consists on 14 Japanese masks for each type of problems.

We tried some Kiko products and liked them, so we decided that I should buy three masks and Rita another three. So you already know that we are going to review the six of them in our Monday Mask segment, like we are doing with GlamGlow.

We are going to start with the Kiko Bubble Maker Mask.
This mask has plant-based Japanese charcoal as principal ingrediente. This ingrediente is there for the purifying and mattyfying effect.
As you know by now (at least I hope) I don’t have oily skin, so the mattyfying effect was not what I was looking for when I bought this Kiko mask.  In the front package it says that purifies the skin, and that is why I bought it.
Just an apart, while I’m writing this post I’m listening to a song that just give me chills each time I listen to. Is the Too Good at Goodbyes by Sam Smith. So beautiful and so true.
Sorry for this parenthesis, but one of my favorites things is music and I just wanted to share a part of me with you, beauties.
Anyway, coming back to the Kiko bubble maker mask.
The Mask parade is a limited edition, where the package was created by Yordanka Poleganova, internationally renowned fashion illustrator. She gave to these packages her vision of elegant, bold, cool and also modern vision with colors like yellow, red and blue.
  • purify
  • mattify
  • deep cleanse


This sheet black microfibre mask function like a second skin and the process of application is easy


  1. massage the sheet inside the package, so that the “serum” is spread in a uniform way;
  2. apply the sheet mask in a clean face;
  3. leave there for 10-15 minutes;
  4. take off the mask;
  5. massage the skin;
  6. remove with water the excess.


Personal experience

First, it’s a weird mask. When you touch it is like jelly. It’s not my first time with this type of masks but it is still weird.


The mask is big, so you need some time to adjust onto the face.

It’s the perfect mask for this time of the year. It’s perfect to use in the Halloween night to scare the little kids that knocks on the door.


But is a multi-function mask, because you can wait until Christmas, and after a couple minutes of using it, you have the perfect Santa Claus beard. (Do I look cute with a beard?!)


During the 15 minutes of the treatment you are always earring the noise of the bubbles multiplication. Now, let me put my three years of chemistry in good use: the bubbles appear due to the contact of the mask with the oxygen. (three years for this!)

Because of that, try to be quick after open the package.

This is a mask of just one use.


It’s not the more efficient mask, but for $6.00 you have 29.0 ml / 0.98 FL.OZ and right after the use you feel your skin smoother and more important cleaned of all the dirt and make up of the day.

I think that this mask is good to use after take-off the makeup to have 100% sure that you have a clean and purify face.


If you want to buy the Kiko Bubble maker mask or other Kiko Mask just go to their website, here or to a store.


What is your opinion? Have you tried this mask?


*this is not sponsored









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