All about lips – H&M Cream Lipsticks

Hello beauties,

Did you like our All about lips from last week? Yes? (we like to think you are nodding). Great, this week we tried H&M lipsticks. We bought two shades to give you our opinion on the color and formula.

These lipsticks can be bought on a H&M store or on their website for a cost of $9.99.

They have a lot of lipsticks, if you like to shop in a H&M store, you’ll understand what I’m saying. You can choose from matte formulas with velvety finish to their classic, the cream. Their lipstick pen and liquid lipstick looks good to. Maybe next time…

Sometimes it’s a little overwhelmed to see all that colors and choose just two of them. But hey, we did it!



Cream Lip Color – Powder Puff


Rita: Channel your inner ‘90s diva with this pink shade.

First let me tell you that I’m feeling torn about this lipstick. Let’s start with what I like – the color. I’m a pink lipstick girl. I try other colors when I’m feeling bold but for my day to day I like my good and safe pink. This is a very pale pink, not the palest that I tried but it’s pale enough for some skin tones. I like the name, Powder Puff, it reminds me the show that I saw when I was a little girl – The power puff girls.


The packaging is pretty too, simple but cute.  It’s easy to apply and the sheer color goes on like butter.

Now, what I don’t like – the formula. It’s awful, I don’t know if it’s a problem with this shade, if it was just my lipstick but I have problems with it. First, it melted. Let me tell you, my room is not Winterfell but it’s not too hot to make lipsticks melt. I have all my lipsticks together and this was the only one that I had this problem. It melted so bad, that it broke in two!

I put it on the fridge to see if it got better, but it’s always breaking. And I only used it three times!!!


The formula is creamy and it won’t leave your lips dry, it’s a point. But it won’t lasted more than two hours in my lips. I applied it in the morning and at the beginning I was very happy because it was pigmented, I could see the pale pink but after half an hour I saw that it lost the creamy shine.



After one hour I ate a yogurt and you can see for the photo that I was barely left with no color.  Two hours later, I checked and it’s like a lip balm. I still can feel something that leaves my lips very soft but no color at all.



This is not what I thought that this lipstick would be, I have to be honest. I know this is not a matte lipstick but I was expecting a long-lasting color. It costed me $9.99, it was not the most expensive lipstick that I bought but it’s not the cheapest one.

If you want long-lasting color and a lipstick to be on your bag for quick and convenient on-the-go touch ups. This is not the one, because probably it will melt and leave your bag a mess. But if you want it or already bought it, use it like I’m going to do, like a balm because you’ll feel you lips truly soft (all day, I dare to say).



Cream Lip Color – Cream chestnut


Joana: Now is my turn to talk about the H&M lipstick that I bought. By now you already know about the difficult task that is to choose a color that I like, and once more I choose a safe color instead of a bold color.

The color that I chose was H&M cream lipstick in Cream Chestnut .

Let´s start talking about the package.

It´s nice. Has a cream/white and golden color that I like and have a white outside package also with golden letters. Until here I’m good.


The color

As I said is a safe color. It´s almost like the color of my lips. A nude brown with some pinky shade undertone. Good for a quick touch up because it´s easy to apply and doesn´t need the lip pencil to do the contour. The lip pencil is useful to make the lipstick lasts more.

Yes beauties, this is not a long-lasting lipstick. Maybe the matt that H&M has are; I think I’m going to give them a chance.




It’s a cream lipstick. That means that they moisturize the lips in a way that you will feel a comfortable feeling while you are wearing it.

In Portugal, we are passing for a heat phase (did you saw all the burning that is happening in our country?! It’s sad and I don’t understand, how can someone do that) and maybe because of that, the lipstick melted. Like Rita’s, it was just the H&M lipstick that melted, so I don´t know. Maybe that’s a formula’s problem.


I already tried it for a couple of times and I’m starting to have some tricks to make them last a little longer on the lips, at least 2 hours if of course you don´t use your mouth 😉

(Can I just say something that is not about these lipsticks? Who here is also addicted to Attention of Charlie Puth?! Sorry I love music in general.)

First trick that I learned that works with this lipstick is apply all over the lip a lip pencil with a similar shade, it will last a lot more and even if the lipstick gets out of the lips we still have the color of the pencil.

Second trick, is to apply a first coat, then apply setting powder and finally a second coat of the lipstick.

I know that these tricks are used with all the problematic lipsticks, and that’s the case of the H&M cream lipsticks so why not sharing it with you.




Have you tried these lipsticks? Tell us your opinion.

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