Best foundation ever?!


Hello beauties,

A couple months ago I bought a foundation that was new on the market and what made me bought it was their promise but most of all was the brand.

Isdin or in this case Isdinceutics is a brand that I trust and know I will see results.

I used this foundation for so long that I run out of it, but now I can tell everything about it.

The foundation is called Skin Drops and is the first ever foundation of Isdin.


The Skin Drops promise a full coverage with just one drop, yes, one drop. And beauties it’ absolutely right. I just use one drop and all my imperfection are gone. It has a fuller coverage than the Estee Lauder Double Wear. And it has SPF 15.

But if you don´t want full coverage you don´t need to worry because this foundation is adaptable. One tip that the brand gives is that you can join one drop of the foundation into your moisturizing and you have a BB cream.


This foundation doesn´t transfer and stays all day, more precisely 12 hours without the need to retouch. It doesn´t cake and it also doesn´t need powder.

It has a semi-matt finish, you will have a matte effect but with a luminous touch.

It’s hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, don’t block the pores and it’s good for all skin types.

How it’s used?! First, if you have a lot of imperfections, scars or if for any reason you need to cover a tattoo, you can apply maxim 3 drops and it´s enough. Normal skins even with some imperfections, like I said before, 1 drop is enough.


And I have one more use that even Isdin didn´t think of. You can use Skin Drops as a concealer.  And believe me that I already tried good concealers. And if I´m saying that is good, it’s because is really good. If you read the previous posts, you know my problem with dark circles. So you know that my struggle with finding a good concealer.


You may be asking ‘Everything is good? – Right! What’s the cons??

First the price! It costs 50€ and just has 15ml (but remember, one drop is enough). The second con, is the pipette. When is almost in the end, the pipette doesn’t work, so you will have some waste (I know people that complain about the same problem).

The last con (and a big one) is the range of colors. It just has two, Sand and Bronze. I can understand this part because Isdin is known for their skincare products and this is the first makeup that they launch. Maybe in the future, they launch  more colors.


Am I going to buy this again?! Absolutely YES. Is this the best foundation ever? I don’t think so, but it’s pretty good! Our search for the perfect foundation continues.



Curious about this foundation? In Portugal, you can find it in some pharmacies for 50€ or you can buy it on their official site (here) and it has a cost of $52.


Have you heard or tried this foundation?

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