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Hello beauties,

I don´t know if you already noticed but we are Kiko fans. (they are not paying us to say that, they don´t even know that we exist). As you may have been seeing, we bought a lot of Kiko masks and we also like so many of other Kiko products, and lipsticks are no exception.

Through the years we both have been collecting Kiko lipsticks. It was even mine (Joana) first RED LIPSTICK. What an honor right?!  ; )

They have a lot of formulas that go from the matte to the sheer, passing from the cream and velvet.

Now let´s talk about the two that we chose to talk.

Kiko Milano creamy lipstick – Amaranth Red, number 05

Joana: Like I said I have some lipsticks from Kiko, and I needed to choose one for this post. I could had chosen a nude color like in the essence (link) and H&M (link) post, but because what I said in that posts about cheap and expensive brands, I chose to talk about a bold color that I have from Kiko.

And the color that I chose is Kiko Milano Creamy lipstick in Amaranth Red, number 05.




First let´s talk about the package.

It´s a simple lipstick package, all black just with Kiko’s logo. From all the Kiko lipsticks that I have this is the ugliest in terms of package. But maybe Kiko didn’t´t want to complicate and made it simple. And black is black, beauties, it stays good with everything.

The color

I dare to say that maybe is the boldest color from all the lipsticks that I have.

I love this color, is a beautiful burgundy color, darker than the usually burgundies that I see on store.

With this type of color (as with all of the dark colors), is better if before applying it, you outline the lips with a lip pencil. Personally, I like to use my Chanel Le Crayon Lèvres Precision Lip Definer in color number 34 Natural (what a big name). It´s in a nude color almost like the color of my lips, so stays good with every single lipstick that I use.


It’s a creamy color, that when applied on the lips you’ll feel comfort in your lips and not dry. Because is a darker color, you should do a little exfoliation and keep your lips hydrated because if not, you will see all the lines that you have.



It’s a medium wearing lipstick, which means that it doesn’t get out in the first hour, but is not long wearing like the matte ones. If you eat or drink it will get out of the lips.


Kiko Milano creamy lipstick – Rosy Taupe, number 01


Rita: I’m a pink lipstick kinda girl, by now you probably already know that. So, when I was shopping with Joana, I decided to keep my cup of tea and bought the ‘neutral’ shade. Neutral doesn’t always mean boring, and this color is a prime example of that.


If you want that effect of naked lips, this is not your lipstick!


This lipstick is a mauve color. When I use it, all I could think of to describe this color is an ‘old pink’, not in the bad side, but in the good one. I think that this shade is not for every skin color. See my picture and take your conclusions if you think this color suits you.

A good pro is that I don’t feel the need to use a lip pencil to contour the lips before applying this color. Normally, in the morning, I just need to apply it and I’m done. No problem. I also noticed my lips were very soft, maybe because it’s a creamy lipstick.




Another good thing is their longevity. Last time I used it, I applied it at 7 o’clock, after breakfast and at 10 o’clock after my ‘second breakfast’ (as I like to call it) I checked my lips and I still had some color. Not so bright, it’s true, but still noticeable. Then after a few hours, I ate my lunch, and a good part come off, but again I still noticed some color. So, for me this lipstick it’s a win-win.



About the package, I don’t have more to say that Joana didn’t said. It’s a simple black package but I have to say that this lipstick collection is one of the most affordable collections that Kiko had. Each lipstick had a cost of 7.90€.

For those of you that are not ready to embrace bold colors, this lipstick is a good beginner beauty buy that won’t break your bank account.


Tell me what is right now your favorite lipstick?! How do you choose a lipstick? we all know that sometimes it can be hard



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