Monday Mask #12 – ‘You are Golden’ Kiko Mask


Hello beauties!

Here it is, a new Monday Mask. I’m starting to feel that we have a tradition in Monday Mask that is talk about GlamGlow and Kiko products, and we don’t want to break traditions, so we are going to talk about a Kiko Mask.

Today we brought you the ‘You are Golden’ Kiko mask. This mask is part of the gang from the others that we talked before (here). Yordanka Poleganova designed these masks giving them an elegant but bold and modern style.




The ‘You are Golden’ mask is a golden hydrogel face mask with honey extract. Personally, I’m not a honey fan but I decided to give it a try because I thought that on the face that wouldn’t be a problem.


The results that they promise with this mask are:


·      Radiant skin

·      Luminosity


Again, they don’t give us much information in the packaging. We had this problem with the mask from last week.




·      remove the two transparent films

·      apply on a clean skin

·      leave on for 20-30 minutes

·      remove the pads

·      massage until complete absorption


It’s for a single use and it comes with 45 ml / 1.52 Oz




The results:

I’m very sad while I’m writing this part, because I would love to say just good things about this mask but I can’t. When we made this blog, me and Rita promised to give always our honest opinions about the products that we test so here it comes.

I don’t like this mask! I think that is the first time that I’m saying that I don’t like a product from Kiko.

But let me explain why…

·      First, I need to clarify that I have horrible nails, I can’t ever have long because they are always breaking. Saying this, my advice is that you need to be extra careful with this mask, or you will get holes in it. I already tried another hydrogel masks, and none were so fragile like this (Resistance: 1 point)




·      When I was waiting for the time to pass, the mask was always slipping and that is boring (Adherence: 2 points)

·      And the worst was that when I was waiting, my skin started to feel warmer and not in the good side. It was expected to be on the face for 30 minutes but I needed to get it out after 15 minutes because the hot sensation was getting worse.

After taking it off, I washed my face and even applied a tonic to calm the skin, but I was still left with a hot and red face. The hot sensation just disappeared after 15 minutes of waiting and I was starting to feel desperate (I’m a little bit dramatic, so I started to think if it was the time to pick the dog and go to the hospital). That was a little bit extreme, but one day if you see your skin all red and hot, then, talk to me.

·      Even after all of this, I didn’t see any results, but hey I’m happy that my skin lost the tomato color (and didn’t fell off).

In the end, I still love Kiko and I’m still going to buy more masks from them, is not one that is going to stop me. Maybe this was because of the honey or another component that has, idk.




It has a cost of 4,95€ and you can buy it on a store or on their website, here.


Hope you like it! Have a great week, see you on Wednesday!


(Disclaimed- this is not na ad or sponsored. We buy the products and then try it to give you our honest opinion about them)


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