All About Lips – Tarte Lipsticks edition

Hello beauties,

Latelly I’ve been improving my lipstick collection and Tarte’s was a brand that I’ve been dying to try on. As you know, beauties, we are here to help you, so today I’m going to talk about three Tarte lipsticks. I chose these three because they have diferente colors, formulations and even the finish. Curious?


Rosé Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint

The first time I saw this lipstick, I immediately fell in love with the color. It reminds me Trophy wife from Huda Beauty. It’s what I like to cal a ‘old-pink’. The formula includes: red 7 lake, red 6, red 33 lake, yellow 5 lake, blue 1 lake, red 28 lake, yellow 6 lake and red 27 lake.

It’s a mixture of reds and yellows and we can see that, when it drys on the lips.


I love how quickly it drys and how extremely long wearing it is! Bonus Point! It’s so long wearing that I put it in the morning and almost in the end of the day I still had lipsick!

Saying that, I now have to say what I don’t like: it leaves my lips soooo dry! When it dries (seconds) it shows every bump and every wrinkle that you have in your lips, it’s everything but not flaterring at all.

Another bad thing, it’s the removal. I need to use a bifasic makeup remover because with other type of remover it’s dificult (but not impossible, don’t worry).

I like lipsticks that leaves my lips smoother and not like I didn’t drink water for a year!


  • Color: 💄💄💄
  • Longevity: 💄💄💄💄💄
  • Application (difficulty):💄💄
  • Formula: 💄💄



Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint

This is more dark than the first. It’s more like a malve then a nude pink. It has in its formulation: red 28 lake, yellow 5 lake and blue 1 lake. (much more simple that the other, right?)

I like more the color of the other but this one has a beautiful finish. It won’t leave my lips dry and the lips stays smoother and with no bump or wrinkle visible (at least not so much as the other).


It stays on the lips for quite a long time, not so much as the other. But it stays for a good 4 hours, even if you eat a good amount of food. It’s easier to remove, too.

Now, the bad side of it: it’s chunky! The formula is so thick and hard, which makes the application very difficult.

These two lipsticks came in the Tarteist kit that I bought two months ago at It costed me $10.48, if I’m not mistaken. Each one brings 1mL/0.34 Fl. Oz.


I think it has a good price if you want to try their lipsticks. You can see what you like and what you won’t.

  • Color: 💄💄💄
  • Longevity: 💄💄💄
  • Application (difficulty): 💄💄💄
  • Formula: 💄



Glossy Lip Paint

This lipstick have the same size as the others but the cap’s lipstick is gold instead of black. It came in a kit with a mascara and an eyeshadow palette.


I love, love, love this color. It’s a rich burgundy. Its one of that colors that screams ‘sophistication’. But calm down, you have to have some precautions before use this, like: use your hair up, because this will be always sticking in the hair, it looks like a magnet (if it´s windy then … oh friend), don’t eat a lot, and don’t drink! (every glass will have your brand) Sorry! Add the difficulty that it is to apply it. Imagine it and multiply that for ten!

In the end, if you want to take a photo or you will go out just to talk to your girlfriends, then you’ll love this, because it gave the effect of the always wet/plump lips.

  • Color:💄💄💄
  • Longevity:💄
  • Application (difficulty):💄💄💄💄
  • Formula:💄




Normal light/ Flash


Do you have any suggestion on a lipstick that we should try? Comment down below.



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