Hello beauties,

Another Monday, less a day for Christmas!

Yes, Christmas is almost here and we are already thinking about what to give. But before Christmas, we have Black Friday, and omg I’m planning on going hard on it. And you beauties, do you have a list for this Black Friday?

Do you remember our latest #MondayMask and our tradition of talking about Glamglow?! Today the GlamGlow gang is here again and the one in the spotlight is the GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating treatment masque.




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But now let’s talk about the shiny blue 😉

As the name says, this is a hydrating mask, and if you want a spoiler… it’s a good one!

This mask is made for all genres, using the most advanced technologies. It promises:

•    instant hydration;

•    moisturize the skin;

•    restore the skin;

•    replenishes the skin;

•    calm the skin.


Until here, everything looks great but maybe nothing that others less expensive masks don’t do.

But as I said before, the Thirstymud is made with advanced technologies that amplify the results.



The components of this technology are:

•    Dewdration – Boosts and locks in moisture for a youthful and dewy skin

•    HydraPack – for an instant silky, soft, and supple feel

•    GreenEnergy – energizes and smooth the skin, giving it a healthy-looking and glowing skin.


It’s made for all skin types, including the oily! Yes, if you have oily skin, you can use this mask! I know, a hydrating mask for oily skin?! But we already talked about the fact that oily skin also needs hydration.


Package and appearance

You can buy the shiny blue jar that has 1.7oz / 50g and costs $69.00, or on the other side you can opt for the travel size that has .5oz / 15g and costs $24.00.

Because mine came in a pack, the pipe has 7g/ 0.24OZ. I can’t remember how much the multimasks package have costed, but you can read it in the first GlamGlow post that we did (here). But, one thing that I’m sure, is that if I didn’t already have this pack, I would buy it for Christmas. It has a great price for what it contains.

The mask has a greenish color, as almost all the GlamGlow masks, because of the mud that they contain but what brings your attention to this mask, is the smell. OMG is amazing. It smells divine. I think it’s coconut! You almost want to taste it.




This is a cream mask, easy to apply and stays transparent on the skin, that is why is perfect for travel (no Google eyes on you)!

The instructions say to apply 2 or 3 times per week an even layer in clean and dry skin (face, neck, and even chest!).

This mask can be used at different times of your day.

•    Daytime

☀️ Leave for 10-20 minutes;

☀️ Wipe off with tissues;

☀️Massage the excess product or rinse with water.


•    Nighttime

🌙 Leave all night to wake up with an extremely hydrated skin.


  • In-flight

✈️ Apply in the beginning of the flight;

✈️ Take off when you are landing.


As you can see, it’s a multitasking mask.

I didn’t try it yet on the flight but I’m sure that I’m going to do it.

Tips for men (because this is not just about ladies) : This mask is perfect for a post-shave skin because it calms and refreshes the face.



Personal experience

I’m a fan of this mask. I already used it a couple of times and my skin loves it.

The application of this mask is a multi-sensorial moment, first you start with a creamy complexion that feels so smooth in the face, then when you are applying, the smells that come to you is absolutely divine and almost tasty. When you finish to put it in your face, in the first minute you feel a freshness that maybe you could think that is not good for winter, but it is because you feel like the skin is renovating with that fresh.

After the time passes, you take it off with water, and you feel while you´re rising it off an even fresher that almost “hurt” in a good way.

I’m writing this an hour later after making the mask, and my face is so smooth and still fresh. You can feel, that you are clean and revigorated.


Is it worth the hype?

I think that you already know the answer.


I know that it can be expensive, it´s a well-known brand and sometimes we are paying the brand, not the products itself. But this time, this is worth every single penny/dollar/euro… that you spend.

I know that exists thousands of hydrating masks, but I already tried some and none was like this.


What is your favorite mask? What should we try next?



















  1. Absolutely amazing face mask that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. The smell is gorgeous too! Absolutely love this mask! Super hydrating and left my skin feeling so smooth. Will definitely be buying this again!

    Liked by 1 person

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