Monday Mask – Sephora Green tea eye mask

Hello beauties,

It’s already Monday, unfortunately . It’s just me or the free weekends are always too short.
The only good thing in this day is, of course, the time that you spend reading our #MondayMask, right?! I know that you are saying yes on the other side of the computer/tablet/phone or wherever you read our posts.

For the title, you already saw that we are not going to talk about a GlamGlow mask, but the pack is not over yet. So, stay tuned !  There is just one more left in the pack, can you tell me in the comments below which one is?!

On another topic, did you enjoyed the BlackFriday/weekend (and now the CyberMonday)?! I enjoyed it, but my wallet didn’t. What did you shop? Remember, you’re still on time for a little more shopping on CyberMonday. 😉

This mask that I’m reviewing today was a gift from Sephora because of my birthday. If you are a Sephora’s client, you know that you receive a present from Sephora on your birthday.




Let´s start talking about the Sephora Green Tea eye mask.

This is just one of the many eye masks that Sephora has. Each one of them is made with one element for a more relaxing and brighter eye look and all of them are made of natural fiber.

One more important thing about these masks is that they are all cruelty-free and dermatologist tested. I’m all about not test on animals, so good to know that Sephora had that concern too. Go Sephora!!

The Sephora Green tea eye mask was designed to provide:
• Coolness;
• Freshness;
• Smoother;
• And a wide-awake look.


If you are curious, check Sephora’s website where you can see that all the clients  loved this mask.

According to their website:

In a use test on 20 volunteers after 21 days of use:
– 95% found that the mask provided a sensation of immediate freshness on eye contours
– 100% found that creases around the eyes were softened
– 95% found that the product had a smoothing effect
– 100% found that eyes had a fresh look

This is the perfect mask, to do in the morning to a more awake look before applying the makeup or when you have an event and want to look perfect.


Application tips:
1. Open the package;
2. Remove the protective film from both patches;
3. Apply the patches under the eyes;
4. Rest for 15 minutes;
5. Remove;
6. Massage the excess of product until full absorption;
7. No need to rinse.

Is it me or are they too big???!









My verdict:

Well, we all know that this is an only time use, so I just have an opinion on one try. Maybe with more uses, I could have another opinion.

First, I need to say that if you respect the 15 minutes, you are wasting a lot of product, because after the 15 minutes, it still has a lot of product, and because it’s an only time use, I suggest that you leave it there for at least 30 minutes. I love making the most of all the products that I try!

Second, all the great things that the Sephora website says are just with a test with only 20 people, a very small number of volunteers, don’t you think? In my job (we are pharmacists, read out ‘About us’), imagine if a drug is just tested in 20 people? the danger that it would be! I know, what are you thinking, I’m being dramatic; you are all saying, Joana, this is just a mask!. But sorry, I respect a lot my skin, especially what is near my eyes.

And now you are all thinking that I didn’t like it, but I liked it. I was just saying my opinion about the poor study that they did.

When you apply the mask you instantly noticed a fresh feeling that stays hours after you take off the mask, so for $5.00, it is good. But this is all you will feel!

I approve this mask and recommend if you like to feel your skin refreshed!



Have you already tried an eye mask from Sephora? Which one was and what was your opinion, I love to read your comments and appreciations.


– Joana

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