Yves Rocher ‘Limited-edition’ Holiday Collection


Hello beauties,

A few years ago, I tried one product from Yves Rocher, and I loved it. I will not talk badly about other catalog brands (there’s one that I absolutely hate) but I need to express how much my skin love Yves Rocher products, especially my body skin. Every month, I try products from them, because one, my friend’s mother is a Yves Rocher advisor and two, I really like how natural and organic the products are. Every year they have new campaigns linked to nature and the increase of the natural resources in beauty – they even have a campaign where if you buy certain products you are helping on growing a new tree.

So, when they launched their new holiday collection, I bought almost every product. A few where for me to try and others I will give to some friends this Christmas.

Their holiday season consists of two different limited-edition collections: the Marvellous Berries and the White Vanilla. Both collections have the same amount of products.


The Marvellous Berries are the red collection and as the name says, it’s inspired by red berries.

The White Vanilla are the white collection, and it’s inspired by the vanilla smell and the white from snow.

Normally, I would choose the Marvellous berries collection because I love red fruits and their smell but this year the White vanilla snatched up my heart! The smell is divine and every product from this line lefy my skin hydrated and smooth.

But let’s see each one…


Nourishing Lip Balms – $4.00

Both claim to nourish and protect the lips. The red is delightfully perfumed with the festive scent of Marvelous Berries and it leaves the lips with a little bit color.

The white has the sweet and warm fragrance of White Vanilla but doesn’t leave any color on the lips. It just gives a glow. For me, this is the best, I can really feel my lips smother after using it and the best is that it won’t stick.

In Portugal, you can buy it for 1.99€.



Hand Cream – $4.00

I tried both hand creams, and both were rapidly absorbed and leave my hands very soft. The Marvellous berries was better, just because the sweet smell and (I think) the smell lasted longer.

In Portugal, these have a cost of 2.70€, each one.


Liquid Hand Soap – $5.00

Hands down to the vanilla hand soap! The liquid soap has a little bit sparkle but don’t worry it won’t stay in your skin. But I loved how long the smell stayed on my skin.

In Portugal, they costed me 3.95€ each one.


Bath & Shower Gel – $ 8.00

These have each one 400mL/13.5 fl. Oz. which is a good amount of product. Just like the hand soap, I liked more the White Vanilla. The smell lasted for so long and the formulation of the product is great. The texture is white with some glow, perfect for the season! The smell that stays in the bathroom after the shower is yummy!

In Portugal, these have a cost of 4.95€ but it’s also available in a small size (200mL/6.7 fl. Oz.) and they cost 2,95€.


Body Lotion – $6.00

Both lotions leave the skin smooth and both are rapidly absorbed. It’s a very light textured lotion. Each bottle brings 200mL/6.7 fl. Oz.

I liked both, the marvelous berries leaves your skin with a scent of berries and the white vanilla is basically a vanilla smell. My bottle of white Vanilla is almost in the middle! I love the smell of sugar and vanilla. It’s so fitting for the cold and the season spirit!

In Portugal, each one cost 4,95€.


Candle – $9.00

This year my love for candles increased a lot. So, I bought both candles. The Marvellous berries will be for my sister because she loves candles too but the White Vanilla is for my room. I tried, I like it! Simple! They have a good size for the price and both are very heavy!

Each candle, cost me 9,90€.


The products are also available in duos that are more affordable if you want to buy the entire collection. I took a picture of the ones that I bought.





I hope this post inspires you. Tell us, what product do you like about this brand or if you already tried these limited-edition products.







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