Too Faced | Under the Kissletoe – The Ultimate Melted Lipstick Set (First impressions & Lip Swatches)

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about the Lipstick set that Too faced launched this Christmas. Every year they launch a new set with bestsellers and this year I managed to get one!


As I write, I am trying the lipsticks for the first time, so it will be a first impression that we will do together. Are you prepared?

First let’s talk about the packaging. It’s adorable! It brings four deluxe version lipsticks and they look so good… Honestly, Too Faced is the brand that has the most beautiful and girlie products ever…it’s all hearts and girlie colors. Don’t you think?


Shall we begin?


Melted Lipstick | Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a gougeous malve-pink nude color. It’s beautiful. Just make sure that you give a good shake to the tube, because it has the tendecy to separate and it’s a mess when you apply it.

The applicator is soft and very nice. It’s very easy to apply. This lipstick do apply as a gloss and then it dries down to a semi-matte finish.

Be careful because it transfers but not to much. It is very pigmented and has a great every day color.

I’m a pink lipstick girl, so I’m in heaven!



Melted Lipstick | Chocolate Honey

OMG the smell… it’s like chocolate! Really, chocolate. It just makes you wanna eat it but don’t, please. This is another great color to use every day. It’s a brown nude color. If you are not a fan of the pink shades, then you will probably love this more than the Chihuahua color.

I can understant why they decided to put this shade on the set, because it’s a really nice nude. And I have a feeling that this color will look so good on pretty much everyone!




Melted Latex | Hopeless Romantic

This was the color that called my attention when I saw this set. I love a good nude color. But do you know when we say ‘the higher you climb, the harder you fall’!? Well…

This was the first time I tried a melted latex lipstick, so I didn’t know what to expect. It has a sweet smell – still don’t know if I like. The applicator is nice, I like it a little more harder so I can make a more precise application, but overall this is not bad – it’s easy to apply.

The color is a little bit light for me but I like it. I love light shades, so I don’t mind. It’s a nice nude.

Now, the problem: you can feel the lipstick, like all the time. It’s a little bit tacky and sticky. If you press you lips together, you will feel the stickiness, for sure. Imagine that you put glue in your lips!

This formula, is a no-no! Maybe it’s a one color formula problem? (Always be positive, right?) I feel like I need to try another color to see if there’s a difference.




Melted Matte | Drop Dead Red

Okay, this was the color that I was less excited to try. I feel that dark colors are not my cup of tea, and on the packaging, this color looked too dark to my complexion.

Then I tried it. And I loved it! The applicator is normal/regular and it was a little bit hard to apply the color. But for me, it’s always a strugle when I need to apply dark colors, so no surprise.

This color is so dark, but I like it. The formula is amazing. It’s not sticky nor tacky! I’m so happy to try this lipstick. I will definitely buy another melted matte.



This Lipstick Set is available on Sephora and it has a cost of 26.45€ ($25.00 on Each Melted Lipstick brings 5ml/0.16 fl. Oz. and the Latex/Matte brings 3ml/0.1 Fl. Oz., so overall I think it has a good price.

The Ultimate Lipsticks set is perfect if you want to try diferente formulas from Too Faced lipsticks. It’s also perfect to surprise a friend!


Hope you liked it!





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