All about lips – Kiko Smart Fusion Lipsticks (Color, Hydration and good price, is it possible?)

(Disclaimed- This is not na ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link).

Hello beauties,

I love lipsticks and by the quantity of posts that we published, by now you probably are thinking that it’s more like an obsession, really. I love lipsticks because it can change the face in literally seconds! Don’t you agree?

But no matter how great the lipstick looks on you, if it dries out your lips or you have to constatly reaplly it, then I have bad news for you: it’s not the best lisptick! Unless you happen to find an ultra-moisturizing brand that delivers both color and hydration…

I happen to already have found a great lipstick, it has great color and it never leaves my lips dry out! It’s like heaven. The problem? It’s a little bit expensive. I would love to buy more colors but then I had to rob a bank!

So I’m always looking for other solutions. In one of my crazy online shopping, I found Kiko’s Smart Fusion Lipsticks.



Here at Beautyworkers, we really like Kiko’s products, they’re affordable and with great quality. So, it’s not surprising that when I had the opportunity I bought six of these lipsticks!

I have the number 402, 403, 404, 406, 419, 428. Lets see each one…



What I like …

  • They’re affordable – 3.95€ each;
  • Creamy texture;
  • Very (I repeat, veary) moisturizing;
  • Leave that juice lips feel;
  • In six, just one needed a lip liner – the dark color (428) – no surprise!
  • Easy and quick application;
  • Available in 35 colors;
  • Minimal but beautiful case;

I don’t like so much …

  • I wish they were more pigmented;
  • I would love if the case had some sort of color signal. It has on the bottom but it’s not pratical when I’m in a rush and looking for a specific color;
  • It will stain every glass that you touch with your lips;
  • The durability it’s not the best.




The Smart Fusion lipsticks made me realize what I already knew, I’m a matte lipstick girl! Sometimes I like my lipstick with a little bit shine but I can obtain that if i use a gloss on top of my favorite matte lipstick.
If you like creamy texture lipsticks and you don’t bother to reapply it on every 2 hours, then this is a affordable and good lipstick for you! Plus, if you have dry lips, you’ll notice a big improvement on the lips moisturizing.
But if you are going to have a lunch/dinner date, and you don’t want to leave a stain on a glass, then skip these lipstick on that day! (On the other hand, if you want to leave a stain on your man, then girl, these are perfect!)
If you want an affordable and matte lipstick, then check the post we made about the essence matte lipsticks (here). I use mine almost every week and although it is not the best moisturizing lipstick in the world – which is understandable since it has a matte effect – surprisingly for the price, it does have a great durability!

We will continue our searching for affordable and good lipsticks. What do you think?




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