Worst beauty products of 2017??

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about products that didn’t work for us. It doesn’t mean that they didn’t work for you too. Maybe you liked them… but we didn’t! Our tastes can variate because we have diferents type of skin, diferent taste and overall we are individual people… If we all liked blue, poor yellow!

Some of them made us think about their formulation, other was the poor finish, and other just didn’t work for us.

Let’s start…


Benefit | High beam liquid highlighter

I have a love/hate relacionship with this product. The high beam highlighter is perfect for a natural glow for a everyday look. The rose nacré color is beautiful, and I truly like the color. But I have two problems with this highlighter: the durability (I can see the product for two hours). And sometimes this product just strips the make up underneath it away! I end up looking patchy.


Benefit | boi-ing airbrush concealer

I love Benefit products. My favourite products are from this brand so it’s a coincidence that I talk about two products that I don’t hate completely but don’t love too. Again, I have a love/hate relationship with this product. When I use it alone, I like it. I bought the color no.2 and I should have opted for the no.1. It has a great power to coverage the dark circles under eyes. But when I use it with foundation it accentuate my fine lines a lot! It gives me more ten eyears to my eyes. Another thing that I don’t like is that I bought it like 3 months ago and the texture of the product is very strange, nothing like when I bought it.


Joico | Color Endure Violet Conditioner

I have dry hair and bleached highlights so in theory this product should be perfect to my hair. It gives takes the yeelow shade and turns it to na ash tone whichis great but it also leaves my roots so oily! It smells so good (as all Joico hair products) but unfortunatly I can’t use it or in the next day I need to wash my hair all over again. If you have really dry hair and the caution to use it only on the ends then maybe this product will work perfectly for you.


Bourjois | Miraculous Contour

This is a universal lip contour but for me it has no effect. I can’t see any difference when I use it and when I don’t. It has a light white color and its very soft which is good. And it won’t break easly (on the contrary from the universal contour lip from Sephora collection).


Essence | Long lasting lipstick

This lipstick was an impulsive buying. I love the color, its a red-orange tone. But it’s very difficult to apply and I can’t eat anything when I have it on. I can’t even lick my lips because it will smudge everything. When I bought it I was so excited. It has a great price and the range color are beautiful. If you want, opt for the matte collection, they’re much better on longevity.


Shiseido|Translucent Pressed Powder

I am sure that for now you know that I have really dry under eyes, and when I bought this pressed powder, the saleswoman told me that it was going to work for me. But no, it dries my under eyes like crazy, but as I still didn’t find a pressed powder that works for me, I’m still using this one. But take in consideration that to lock the foundation on your chin for exemple, this is really good.


Dior|All-in-brow 3D

I love Dior, is one of my favorite brands in the makeup world and not just in makeup, also in the fashion world. But this brow kit the makeup product that I most regret buying in 2017. Its not a everyday look because in a 5 minute makeup you can’t use it. I just use it when I have an event or when I want a glamourous look. The wax is not good, and its difficult to apply.


Revolution|Skin Kiss Bronze kiss cream bronze glow

This is not an expensive product but I could save my euros in this! Why? because when I apply it,  is like I don’t have anything. Bad formulation.



Too Faced|Love light prismatic highlighter

I was not sure if I would put this product in the worst of 2017, because as a highlighter is fantastic, I really love it. The product is really good but the package its simply not well made. I still use this, but is not going with me on vacations because I have to be extra careful when openning it (I have nightmares that it will fall out).


Clinique|Even better foundation

No, this is not the foundation that we reviewed last week, that one is good. I only tried once and I’m not going to use it anymore. It really makes the skin beautiful but on the other side, it also gives a terrible sensation to the skin. The product is too thick and you feel that you have a strangle mask on your face.


And because we don’t want to end this here in the sad side, here a message for all of you:

Well beauties, we hope that you stay with us next year and that you have liked our posts from this year. We always try to give positive reviews to the products but sometimes we just can’t. We made this blog with the propose to only give our honest toughts and we hope to always keep our promisse. We truly hope that you have a great 2018 and that next year give us all new opportunities and the best luck with all our projects.

Thank you for being here!


-Joana and ARita






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