What we got for Christmas…

Hello beauties


Hello 2018,

How was your NYE? Mine was good, I spend it in a house with friends and it was cool. Last year I went to an organized party, full of people, but this year I realized that we don’t need too much to have fun, so I really enjoyed this NYE night.

Maybe this video came a little late, but what counts is that is here, right?

In this post we are going to show some stuff that we got for Christmas from family and friends , so here we go.



I am going to start with something that I didn’t get for Christmas. I got this for my birthday and it was Rita that gave it to me. I need to show it to you because I really love it, and I’m so grateful that she gave it to me. Is the YSL Full metal shadow The Mats in the color Suede Plum.



Victoria Secret products

In Portugal, if you want to buy VS products, you only have two options: online or go to the airport. Thankfully, I have people around me that know me so well, that they brought some products from others countries to give to me as a Christmas present. YAY




PS: the parfume smells incredible.



I love to receive socks because we all need them, but if you are like me, you don’t want to buy them. So this Christmas, I received some comfort and beautiful socks, that I adore. And one of them came from Norway, so it’s even more special!!




I received two beautiful bags. They are not designer bags but they are beautiful and from brands that I love, like Parfois.







Blue was the main color this year when we are talking about clothes. I received more than what I’m showing here, but one of them is a Quebramar knit and an Adidas shirt for the gym.







I received a lot of presents that I can put on this category but I picked three to show here.







Makeup, Parfumes, and skincare

Some great goodies, that later I will review and talk about a little bit more.







I love Apple. I’m an Apple girl, what can I say? And the iPhone X was my ultimate present this year ;DDDDDD (not pictured). But I also received a power bank and its a utility product, right?





I received two books this year, one was a present to myself and other was the one in the picture. That is from Kazuo Ishiguro, who won this year the Nobel of literature. I don’t know if you knew but I’m excited to read it.


Well here are some presents that i received, and that I loved it.




I was looking for a fluffy yet warm jacket and I received one. I love jackets, I have a gigantic collection in my wardrobe and they are never too many for me. Sorry.


Photo Source: stradivarius.pt
Photo Source: stradivarius.pt



I love all the skincare that I received this year. I still didn’t try anything but I can’t wait for it. And don’t worry, I will talk about them in a later post. (The set of masks was offered to me by Joana on my birthday and I can’t wait to try it. Its perfect for our #mondaymask, don’t you think?)





I received a palette that I was looking for some time. I read that is very good and affordable. I will play with it and later give you my thoughts. I also received some false lashes that I already used on NYE.





If you know me, you know that after makeup and skincare I love books! Fortunately, I received four that will make me dream a little bit for some time.





I was looking for a bag like this and (again) fortunately, some people heard me (I made sure of that) and so I received this beauty. I couldn’t wait so I’m already using it.





I’m always cold, so I welcome every fluffy cloth that I receive. This pajama is so sweet, beautiful and the best: It’s warm! It’s everything I need for those cold nights that we are feeling in Portugal.





My friend knew that I was needing a new mirror, so she gave me this beautie! It has light and the best is that it fits perfectly into my bag!




Phone case

Last but not least, I received two phone cases.



Leave a comment and share with us what you received!



-Joana and ARita





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