#MondayMask – Sephora Lotus face mask

Hello beauties,

I’m writing this post on the morning of the first of January of 2018, while I’m getting ready for the traditional family lunch.

I looked at my face and I thought that after an NYE night, and a lot of makeup, my skin needed a little pampering. Can I just say something? I love the look that I did for the night, you are not going to see but it looked awesome at least for me (and I had a lot of compliments). YAY for me. But let me tell you, it took a village to do that. I used my trusted products. The foundation I used, of course, was my perfect duo (here), I love the glam look that it gives to my skin.

But now let’s come back to the present.

I received this mask from Sephora as a birthday gift. You can see (here) another post that I did with a different mask that came with the same kit.

After reading that this mask helps to relax and hydrates the skin, I realize that it was everything that I needed this day!


It’s called Sephora Lotus face mask.

Like I said before this mask is described to give moisture and smooth the skin.

Its made from natural lyocell fiber mask, with no parabens and uses the technologies that lock in water to reduce visible signs of fatigue and strain for a stress-free and rested appearance.

One more positive point to this mask is that is not tested in animals, and that for us, here at Beatty workers, is very important.



Like mains functions this mask as two, and each function is given by different ingredients:

  • Moisturizing:
    • natural lotus flower;
    • Aloe vera leaf;
    • rice extracts.


  • Smoothness:
    • Corn starch extract.




This is a sheet mask and that means that is a individual mask, for a one time only.

  1. Unfold the mask and peel off the pin film;
  2. Apply the mas to a previously washed face;
  3. Leave for 15 minutes;
  4. Gently massage to absorb any excess;
  5. No need to rinse.


Comments on the application:


The part of taking the pink film is kinda difficult because the mask is extremely embedded.

It’s easy to apply on the skin and stays there without moving through the time.

If you want to leave it in the face for more than 15 minutes you can, because it has a lot of product, and it’s not dry (at all) after you take it off.

You really need to massage the excess, because you stay with a lot. After I took it off, I didn’t need to use any type of skincare. I applied my makeup for the day, directly on the face.


Final Opinion

While you have the mask on the face, you almost don’t feel anything, just a suitable fresh sensation.

After you take it off comes the good and the bad. Definitely, this is a moisturizing mask, and a good one, from what I can say. I felt my skin great, not dry, and it is suitable for all skin types, including the oily ones.

What I didn’t like in this mask, is the ‘fragrance’ that it’s left on your skin after you take off the mask. I can’t describe, but is not good and even after some time, you can still feel it. So that is the only negative point that I can say as a first impression about this mask. But that’s just my opinion, maybe you’ll like the scent, we don’t know!


What is your opinion, and what mask should I try next?






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