YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

Hello beauties,

Last week on one of my many Sephora trips, I tried the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation and I bought it. As always, it was an impulsive buy.

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I love Yves Saint Laurent products and if you’re curious, I also have the Ink blush, here. I remember when this foundation was launched, three years ago. At the time I didn’t understand the hype about it because this foundation is very expensive and it just brings 25mL.


But let’s see some information’s about it.


All Day Perfection & Freedom
Featherlight Texture
SPF 18/ PA +++

‘The first YSL foundation, inspired by the universe of Ink, offers soft and comfortable wear until removal. Its hybrid technology generates a texture that feels as light and fine as ink and as concealing as a classic foundation’.



It has a gold bottle cap and a black/semi-opaque glass bottle. It’s beautiful, practically screams luxury. Underneath the gold cap, you have the actual lip/cap which you twist up.


The applicator is made of plastic (they call it “quill style” applicator) and I found it very quick and hygienic to put the product directly onto my skin without having to put it onto the back of my hand, like other foundations – less waste.

Normally I like foundations with a pump, but I find this applicator very good because it provides the ideal dose of the foundation.



Its very liquid, so give it a good shake before using it. It’s available in 17 colors. Mine is BR20 (beige-rose 20). It matches perfectly with my skin tone. I always have difficulty to get my exact match but this one was very easy.



To distribute and blend it on your face, you can use your fingers, but I found I get the best results with a nice, big round brush. Using circular movements, start with the forehead, continue to the nose, the cheeks, and the chin.





For me is medium coverage, but it can be easily sheered out and you can even layer it out for a high coverage as well – but I must warn you that it would probably look a bit powdery.

The finish is hard to describe…is like a velvety matte powder! That’s the best comparison I have. It leaves my skin feeling very light, I feel like I’m wearing nothing.

I am usually not a fan of matte finishes, because I have combination skin type and my skin is dehydrated in some areas and oily on T-zone. So normally matte foundations accentuate my dry patches but this one doesn’t do that to me. If you have very dry skin I honestly don’t know if you will like, just because of the matte finish.

I normally use a primer first, and the foundation lasts all day without the need to use powder during the day. It feels and looks great after 8 hours!


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Final thoughts

I see the word flawless and I’m instantly attracted to it. But it’s always the same thing, you must have to have a pretty good skin to be able to achieve flawless coverage without doing a makeup artist routine every day. But this foundation is easy to use, stays in place, looks natural and does a pretty decent coverage. Isn’t this what we are all looking for?

The com is definitely the price! It’s very, very expensive and the bottle just brings 25mL instead of the normal 30mL.

It smells like watermellon (I think?!) – tell me in the comments what you think it smells!





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