Lanolips – Is lanolin really worth the hype?

Hello beauties,

I love natural and cruelty-free products. It’s a fact. So, when I knew that Lanolips was going to be available in my country I immediately got my hands on two of them. Unfortunately, the ones that I really wanted to try were the Lanolips lipsticks with color but they are still unavailable in here.


Before I talk about the ones that I have, let’s first see what’s lanolin. Lanolin, also known as wool fat is the sheep equivalent of sebum (that stuff that oily skin produces a lot). It consists of liquid waxes and its produced by the sheeps to give it some protection from the elements. Unlike us humans, sheep can’t just put some more clothes when it’s cold, so they need lanolin to protect them from the weather. Lanolin acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting the sheep.

For us, lanolin is a great lubricant, natural moisturizer, and rush stopper. Its waxy nature makes it a really good skin moisturizer, capable of penetrating the skins outer layer to nourish it from within – forming a non-occlusive barrier (permitting the skin to ‘breathe’).

There were some concerns over the safety of lanoline because, in the 60s, the farmers had upped their levels of pesticides to cope with the growing demand for products. Some tests showed that lanolin contained some traces of pesticides residues. But today this doesn’t happen, and all the lanolin is tested, making its use secure.

Vaseline is a product more affordable, but a lot of people prefer Lanolin because Vaseline is a Petroleum based product which may contain harmful ingredients. On the contrary, the molecular structure of lanolin mimics human skin lipids.

Kristin Carriol created Lano because as a child, lanolin was the only ingredient that her parents used on her lips & skin. The brand has a lot of lipsticks with a lot of uses.


As I said, I have two Lanolips products. The one with strawberry and the Multipurpose Superbalm. Let’s see each one…


101 Ointment Multi-balm- Strawberry


‘A little tube of magic. An all-natural lanolin balm. With strawberry extract & vitamin E’.

This range is available in 3 flavors:

–          Green Apple: Rich, acidic & full of vitamins, apple is full of antioxidants, acting as natural environmental protection.

–          Strawberry: This powerful little fruit’s main ingredient is alpha-hydroxy acids, which helps us slough off dead cells so that new, healthy skin is revealed.

–          Peach: peach kernel oil’s lightness sinks into the skin easily & helps revive with a combination of vitamins & polyunsaturated fatty acid.


I love my strawberry Lanolips. I really do. I use it at night and in the morning and I always notice a big difference. Since I’ve been using this product my lips are smoother and less patched. It has a really strong strawberry smell, but it has no flavor (still, don’t eat it, please). I also like to use it as a gloss, it gives a really beautiful glossy look to the lips.



The only con of this product (as for the Multipurpose Superbalm) is the application. I don’t like to use my fingers since our hands carry germs. But I understand that with the product formulation that is the best way to store it.


After applying it, if you have excess on your fingers you can wipe off any excess on your dry cuticles for example (it has so many uses).


101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm:


Extreme hydration for extremely dry lips, skin patches, cuticles, elbows & more. NO Artificial colors + Fragrance + Parabens + Petrolatum + PEG’s + Mineral oil + Sulfates’.

This product is great for peeling lips. I read some reviews that said that the taste and smell were awful, but I don’t agree. I don’t feel any taste or smell. The only cons of this product, are the fact that it’s very thick and a little bit greasy. In the winter, I have a lot of difficulties to take out the product from the package. It’s so dense! I need to warm it a little bit on my hands but even so, it’s difficult.



But after applying it stays all night on my lips and I feel such a difference when I use it. When I have a cold, I use it on my skin nose and in two days the peeling skin was all regenerated.


I have a French bulldog and sometimes I like to use a little bit of this product on her ears. She has dry skin and immediately after I apply this product I feel her skin smoother. I also use this on her paws – they can add this use!



101 uses include: Dry cuticles, cracked heals, dry nasal passages, keep eyebrows in place, windburns & cold-chapped cheeks, Dry, brittle nails, Paper cuts, Insect bites, Mix with your own moisturizer.



Final thoughts

After reading a lot of reviews about Lanolips, I noticed that a lot of people complain about the price of the product, it only brings 10mL (strawberry) and 15mL (Superbalm) and the prices are around the $11-$13. Honestly, it is a little bit expensive but for me its worth every coin! It has so many uses (and you see good results which sometimes doesn’t happen with even more expensive products). It’s dermatologically tested, holds 200% of its weight in moisture, vegetarian, animal cruelty-free and baby friendly.

Will I buy it again? Definitely! I prefer the strawberry for my lips because it’s less thick and the formula is better (less greasy). But the Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm is also great because it has so many uses, and as I said you see results. Now, I want to try the peach, the green apple, and the others with color.



Do you think these lipsticks are worth the money? Do you know more products with lanolin?




(disclaimer- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)


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