Clinique – Which foundation should I choose? (Even better glow vs Superbalanced Silk)

Hello beauties,

Choosing the right Foundation can be a minefield, it’s important to choose the right formula for your skin type, whether is oily, normal, dry or acne-prone, it can be tricky. Then we have a lot of different finishes, and that’s not easy too…

We want to help you, so today we are going to do a comparison of two Clinique’s foundations: The Even Better Glow and the Superbalanced.


So, stay with us and find which one is better for you.


Even Better Glow


‘Moisturizing foundation instantly creates a natural radiance with subtle luminizing pigments. Wear it every day and over time bare skin glows on its own, thanks to vitamin C. Broad spectrum SPF 15 helps prevent future dark spots. Long-wearing, oil-free’.

  • Coverage: Sheer to moderate
  • Texture & Finish: Lightweight fluid, Luminus finish
  • Benefits: Improves skins luminosity and even skin tone
  • Skin Type: Dry combination to Combination Oily skin types 2 and 3



It’s available in 30 different shades, which is great if you have difficulty in finding your shade. It comes in a plastic bottle, making it easy to take off and apply. Goes smoothly and lasts well. It does feel like you have nothing on your face…

Very moisturizing with a natural finish. Not greasy, heavy or sticky. You can use it every day.

It has a price of $28.00.


Superbalanced Silk Makeup


‘Silky, ultra-fluid formula slips on, blends seamlessly. Oil-free’.

  • Coverage: Sheer to moderate
  • Finishe: Natural-matte finish
  • Benefits: Adds moisture, substracts oils where needed
  • Skin Type: Dry combination to oily skin types 2, 3 and 4.



Available in 20 different shades. It comes in a glass bottle, very pretty and heavy (which I like) but it doesn’t have a pump (it’s difficult to take it off and a mess).

I have combination/dehydrated skin and for me, this Foundation starts to flaking, accentuating my dry patches and making my fine lines very noticeable.

It has a price of $26.00.


Final Thoughts

Both foundations have an SPF of 15, which is not a lot but enough for a normal day out. The prices are very similar and they both bring the same quantity of product. I don’t want to say which one I like more (although my choice is very clear) because I read so many good reviews about both foundations.


In the end, there’s no formula because it all depends on your skin type, but I think that:

  • If you have oily skin, no dry patches and you want coverage then probably you will like the Superbalanced because it theory it adds moisture and takes oil where needed.
  • But if you want a naturally luminous finish, without making your skin greasy then you will like the Even Better Glow.


If you are still torn between these two, then what you need to do is try! Go to a Sephora, for example, and ask for a sample, wear it during a day and then see the results in your skin.


(Disclaimed- this is not an ad or sponsored)










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