[Yves Rocher] Sensitive Végétale Cleansing Cream

Hello beauties,

By now you probably are wondering why we talk so much about Yves Rocher. It’s simple, we love this brand!

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a good cleansing cream that removed my makeup and soothed the skin and why not try one by a brand that I know and like? So I bought the Sensitive Végétale Cleansing Cream.

’The sensitive végétale Cleansing Cream perfectly cleanses, even the most sensitive skin. Sulfate free and therefore, non foaming, it’s creamy texture cleanses skin without water while protecting the integrity of even the most sensitive skin’.




The product comes in a baby pink plastic tube, simple but very pretty and easy to open.



It has a creamy texture. The cream has a white color.


How to use

Place a few drops of cream on the tips of fingers. Apply on dry face and neck. Massage delicately using circular movements to cleanse and “remove makeup”. Rinse your face carefully with lukewarm water.

Final thoughts

This product is tested under dermalogical, ophthalmological and allergilogical supervision. It’s sulfate free, fragrance free, alcohol free, colorant free, mineral oil free and paraben free. It contains more than 93% ingredients from natural origin. And that is why we love this brand.

As a makeup remover, this product was a disappointment. I tried to use it a couple of times but this won’t remove the makeup! I also used different brand foundations but this wasn’t effective with any of them. I did the massage (sometimes like a crazy woman), I used lukewarm water (and cold water and hot water…) but my makeup stayed on the skin (stubbornly). I always had to resort to another makeup remover.

For now, I’m using this after a using a makeup remover. Sometimes I feel my skin sensitive and a little bit red when I remove the makeup. This product soothes the skin and calms the redness. It’s a gentle cleanser, perfect if you are looking for that type of cleanser. It does stop the pulling sensation that sensitive skin is known for, so if you feel that, you will like this product. But if you want something to remove makeup and clean the skin deeply, then skip this.

It has a cost of $16.00 ($9.60) for 125mL.


Have you tried this product? What’s your favorite skin cleanser?




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