[Bodhi & Birch] Desert Rose facial oil

Hello beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about a product that I’m testing out for quite some time.

Bodhi & Birch were so wonderful to give us this product to try and to review it, that I wanted to do my best even if for that I would spend a little more time researching and trying out the product.

Can I say this again? The way that Bodhi & Birch pack their orders are amazing, you will be stunned when you receive a package from them.

The first product that we tried from Bodhi & Birch was the Neroli Lucé Revitalising face oil by Bodhi & Birch, and you can check the review that Rita made, here.

Without more blah blah blah, let’s talk about the Desert Rose Facial Oil.


The Desert Rose Facial Iil, is a five-star product from Bordhi and Birch. The ratings and the comments on this product are amazing, so when I put my hands on this product I was really excited.

It is used for several purposes, such as:

  • Rejuvenate the skin;
  • Renew the youthful radiance;
  • Anti-aging;
  • Nourish the skin;
  • Cellular regeneration;
  • Refine skin surface;
  • Structure the skin;
  • Diminish the age blemish;
  • Even out skin tone.

Sounds amazing right, like the perfect face oil.

All these indications can be accomplished because of the product ingredientes.

The active ingredients that give this amazing skincare are:

  • Organic Argan oil: this is an oil rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, carotenes and squalene that will preserve the integrity of the cells and the restore the skin’s elasticity. The argan oil can also stimulate the skin renewal, it’s perfect for dry skin because it rehydrates the skin and restores the damages while reduces the wrinkles and preserve the aging process.


  • Organic Rosehip oil: great in regenerating the skin, softening and moisturizing it. Helps decrease the premature signs of aging. It benefits the skin against surface blemishes, skin pigmentations, and photo-aging. Restores the youthful glow.


  • Organic Prickly Pear oil: reach in many vitamins, it nourish and soften the skin to restore the elasticity. The fatty acid plumps the skin, reduce the wrinkles, add firmness and helps against the radical damage. Also contains Betalains that is an excellent antioxidant with powerful anti-aging effects.


  • Organic Starflower oil: great to restore the moisture barrier that our skin have and maintain the metabolism strong and healthy.


As always it is important to mention that all the Bordhi & Birch products are free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals and others ingredients that are not good for the skin.




It is recommended to use this oil in the morning and night after cleansing and toning.

The best way to apply is warm one or two pumps between the palms and then press over the face and décolletage.

You can also warm a little between the palms and put it the in the ends of the hair to protect it and smooth the ends.



This is an oil more for dry and mature skins, but that doesn’t mean that other skin type can’t use it. This oil is a strong moisturizer, so I think that an oily or acne-prone skin won’t be benefited.

The first time that I tried the Desert rose, I have to be honest and say that I didn’t like it. And I couldn’t find a reason for that. I even talked with Rita about that. I had breakouts while using this Oil and overall my skin was not at a good shape. I left it for some months but I went and saw so many reviews saying so good things about the product that I decided to try it again, and I have been doing it for a month now. And guess what? I’m really into it.

I put myself thinking about the reasons why I’m loving this now and not before. And I have three reasons for that:

  1. The first time I try it was in Summer, and my skin was not as dry as is now. (I have normal skin, more on the dry side).
  2. The indications says to put maxim 2 drops and I was putting more than that because I thought that it was staying all in my hands and nothing on my face.
  3. I stopped using a serum, instead I’m using this oil as a serum.

The smell of the Desert rose oil is amazing, it is a warm smell that make us feel cozy and it recalls (at least for me) the winter time.

It’s not greasy on my skin and is not heavy on the skin, it blends really well and is quickly absorbed (remembre that I have normal/dry skin type).

I like this oil, in winter I feel my skin moisturized, without dry patches. Right now I’m using this oil blended with my morning cream. At night I don’t use a serum so, I use this before my night cream.

This is not for the eye area, but I would love if Bordhi & Birch would do a moisturizing cream or na oil speciffically to the under eye skin! (Just an idea eheh)


Do you use facial oils? What’s your favorite?


(diclaimed- You already know, but I want to say this again. The brand gave us the products but the opinion is 100% our own. This does not contain any affiliate links).






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