[Too Faced] Born This Way Concealer

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about a product that is not new but I felt that I need to mention because it has been rocking mine under eyes world. The Born This Way concealer aims to be the perfect partner to the matching foundation. I have the foundation but in my opinion, the concealer is way-way better. You can check the foundation review, here.


Just so you know I’ve only had this a few weeks but I’ve worn it every day and I still have the same opinion since day 1 until now, so I needed to write about this product.

As I said this is not a new product but hey I’m late but I arrived at the party!


Born This Way is oil free product and comes infused with:

  • Coconut Water: to aid in delicately replenishing skins moisture levels;
  • Alpine Rose: to help brighten and boost skins radiance;
  • Hyaluronic Acid: for a youthful appearance.


I bought the shade Light, which has neutral undertones, but you can choose from 16 different shades.


I’m always very skeptical when it comes to concealers. This breed of makeup can either cover up dark circles like magic or can age you by 10 years. I think that most of you understand the pain that is concealing the under the eye.

For me, this concealer easily slips in amongst my favorite concealers. It was a surprise because I don’t like the foundation, at all.

I always use a mini beauty blender and the concealer applies so nicely and easily. What I like the most is the natural finish this gives to my skin while concealing and brightening my eye area. Is this the most hydrating concealer that I tried? Absolutely not. But it’s not the worst, this I assure you. If you use a good eye cream your skin will really get along with this concealer. But alone it’s not enough.

It’s incredibly creamy so I always use a powder to set and it lasts a lot of time beautifully. I have a lot of concealers and this so far is not settling into my fine lines (or even creating new ones, as a lot of concealers do).

Coverage is light-medium and I read some reviews of people that found the coverage not enough. But I use it on top of a foundation (sometimes two coats) and I can see a big difference in my dark circles. It also gives a lot of brightening in the area. So if you just want a little brightening, apply a little bit of the product and that’s it!


I really fell hard for this the first day I tried it. I bought a mini package because of my bad experience with the foundation but I will probably buy the full size when this is over!





5 thoughts on “[Too Faced] Born This Way Concealer

    1. I really like it! I read so many reviews saying that this concealeir is very dry but if you use a good eye cream (or an eye mask) you will love it! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 xo


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