[DAFNI] Hair Straightening Brush

Hello beauties,

Yesterday I was invited for a formation on Sephora about the DAFNI Hair Straightening Brush. My hair is very dry and I use a flat iron every time I style my hair so the Dafni brush seemed a good product to replace the continuous use of my Babyliss.

If you never heard about this product let me introduce it to you:

Easy to Use: DAFNI is a revolutionary hair straightening brush. Simply brush your hair and it will be straight and smooth in minutes.
Saves Time: DAFNI offers hair care that easily fits in with your day. With DAFNI you can straighten your hair in just minutes. Ready, Straight, Go!
Safer for Your Hair: DAFNI was developed to operate at the recommended temperature of 185˚C / 365˚F and maintain a constant heat. It effectively straightens your hair without harming it and is safe for daily use.

Sounds great, right?

There are available two models: the normal Dafni and the Dafni GO. The difference is the size. The normal is bigger and heavier while the Dafni go is smaller and much less heavy. Oh and I almost forgot a little detail… the price is different too!


DAFNI NORMAL: $199 / 199€ (Sephora Portugal)


DAFNI GO: $99.99 – $49 sale on dafni website / 127€ (Sephora Portugal)


On Sephora, the one that they had for a try was the normal one but they opened a DAFNI GO so I could see the differences. What I immediately noticed was that it heats up quickly, less than a minute and turns itself off if not used after one minute.

I loved the experience, it was like I went to a hairdresser/spa. They were so kind and nice. First they applied serum (a John Frieda – I love this brand) with silicones to protect the hair (this brush is known for not doing any damages on the hair like a flat iron but we should use a thermal protector just for sure) then the Sephora employee (by now I already call her by her name) brushed my hair with the device for about twenty minutes.

I loved the effect (at that moment)! Normally I also spend 20 minutes with my flat iron but I loved the natural effect this gave on my hair. The hair stayed so smooth and my dry ends stayed closed and with a healthy look!! By now I was on cloud nine!

So, surprise, surprise…I bought the DAFNE GO! Why the GO? Because I have a lot of baby hairs and the DAFNE GO is better to reach the scalp (and it’s not so heavy).

So far go good, the Sephora employee presented me with the John Fried serum (I spend a lot of money every month on that Sephora so by now all the employees know me) and went to my house very happy with my purchase.

Well…after a couple of hours I looked in the mirror and my hair was ‘wild’ (I don’t have a better word to put it). It was still smooth and my dry end was not bad but I looked like I had been in a place with humidity or I saw a ghost! Let me write in bold that I asked how much time the straightening effect should last and she told me 3-4days (which is great, if you have thick curly hair you’ll understand it)!

I made a call to Sephora and the lady was so sweet and told me to go there. Well, beauties I went there and when she looked at me, she immediately apologized because this brush definitely is not for my hair type!

When I was younger I had a lot of curls and maybe the elasticity and the thickness of my hair are some reasons why the brush didn’t work on long therm.

But I have to say that the straightening was almost gone but my hair stayed smooth and my dry ends not bad at all. If this product were less expensive, then I probably would keep it to use just as a daily brush. But this definitely couldn’t replace my flat iron! So for me, it’s not worth the money!

If you have normal/ wavy hair not to thick and you like the no-so-flatty hair then maybe this is a good product for you! My advice for you is to try before buy and give it a few hours to see if your hair holds the straightening.


Have you tried this brush? Leave your comment down below.





3 thoughts on “[DAFNI] Hair Straightening Brush

  1. Oh wow! This seems awesome. My hair is very thick and out of control – damaged too.
    Maybe I should just invest in a good product instead of spending each time less, but at the end the same or more.

    Maybe after my next salary! 😀

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