Kiko brushes

Hello beauties,

We all know that you can have the best makeup products but to archive the best of your features you also need the right tools.

I’m one of those people that when I find brushes that work and shows results (and in the budget) I’m going for them (hard, I must say). That is why I have a lot of Kiko brushes, they are efficient and well made but they are also pretty affordable.

I’m not going to say that my collection of brushes is just by Kiko, but in total, I have 22 brushes and 17 of which are from Kiko’s.

Well with no more delays lets talk about the Kiko brushes, the ones that are worth and the others that for me don’t archive what I want.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Let´s start with the ones that unfortunately I can’t find any more for sale but are my favorites from all of them (I’m so sorry). I don’t even know their number and that is something that Kiko does wrong, they don’t impress numbers on their limited editions brushes.




I have these two brushes for a couple of years and they are still in good shape and for me, that shows the quality of the brushes. The one on the left I use to apply liquid foundations (I have others but this is by far my favorite). My favorite brushes for foundations are hard and dense and it’s what this is. The brush on the right is my favorite brush to apply the concealer. I know that is also a Foundation brush but hey that is the magic with makeup, there are no rules. For me it has the right size, the angle is great to get behind the lower lash and at the corners of the eyes. It is also dense and hard\firm so it blends really nice all of my concealers.

(Hey Kiko if you are reading this please tell me when will this line be available again).

Don’t beat me but let’s continue on this limited edition that I no longer can’t find because I have more three brushes.



The one on the left is great to apply eye-shadows and it blends the shadows so nice. I have an expensive one that is similar to this, and I don’t see a difference when I use one or another. The one in the middle I use to apply eye-liner or some shadow in the lower lashes. And the one in the right is great for the lips or if you really need, it can be used to apply eyeshadow, especially the metallic ones in cream or powders because it takes the right amount of product and blends it really nice. A trick that sometimes I do when I want to use a metallic shadow is to use a setting spray on the pencil before dipping it in the powder.


This Kabuki rose gold brush, is one of the brushes that I use every single day. It’s perfect to go with us in a bag because of the size and it comes with a cute dust bag (no dirty bags, people!). The color was a limited edition but you still can find it in other colors. I use it to apply my bronzer or for touch-ups during the day.


From their normal line, I have seven brushes.



The number 3, is a flat foundation brush, that I usually don’t use for foundation, except if I want to be really picky and blend in the nose, and in places that are hard access with the one that I talked before. If this brush was a little bigger I think I would use more. I think that it can also be good with concealer but I’m still in love with the other one.


The number 4, the first time that I used, was with liquid foundation, and I hated it. Why? Because was too soft, and I was not seeing the results. The indications in the box for this brush are for a natural finish, and I can see that, with a very sheer foundation or a BB cream, maybe. After some tentatives, I fell in love with this brush when I used it with powder. In my makeup routine I use setting powder under my eyes and in the chin to lock the foundation, but at the end, I love to apply all over my face the Essence Luminous matt bronzing powder in lighter skin. I love the luminous effect that this powder leaves on my skin. And to apply that powder I use the Kiko brush number 4. It’s soft and lightweight leaving a natural glow on my face.


The brush number 5, is one that I don’t use regularly. I can’t find a way to use it with foundation because is to small. Sometimes I use it to blend contour, but even for that, I can say that this is not the best brush.



The brush number 7, is the one that I use to apply the setting powder on my face, not in the eyes, because it is too big for that. But for the rest of the face, this puffy brush is great. I highly recommend this one.


The brush number 8, is one that at the beginning I was not seeing for what I wanted it, but now I use it almost every single day. Great to the under eyes area, great to contour or apply bronze where you want, like to create that shadow to slim the face. The brush is a multiple uses brush, that if I’m going on vacations, this is the one that goes with me because of course, I can’t go with 22 brushes- weel I can but I won’t.


The number 11 is my basic contour brush. It has the right size and the fibers are dense enough to blend it well, making the effect very natural. I use it to contour the face, nose, and jawline.


The last one is from their “basics” and it is the number 12. I think that you all know for what I use this brush… to highlight my face, of course. I use it every single day, and I’m not mad about it, at all.


For the eyes, I have the 203 eyeliner brush, also from their “basic” line, the colourfull collection. And as the name says, it’s good to apply eyeliner, and I really like it, because I’m not a pro in applying eyeliner, and I like that this is thick and not soft.



A couple of months ago, Kiko launched a limited edition of brushes, makeup, and some other stuff called Fall 2.0. At that time I bought their blush brush. Because let’s face it, the brush is stunning. I think that this collection is no longer available. But don’t be sad, because I don’t like this brush.

The angled brush was on trend a couple months ago, and I was absolutely crazy when I saw this one. Like the name says, it’s a blush brush, but this doesn’t blend my blushes. Each time I use it, I stay with the majority of the blush at the beginning of my cheek-  I look like a clown.

I think, but I could be wrong, that this brush is good for that type of makeup that uses blush as the contour. For that, I could see it uses. Once I applied highlighter with this brush it was not bad but more a come si come ça.


The last two tools that I have to talk about are the sponge, that is not the greatest. And the eyelashes curler, that I really like it.



What are the brushes that you usually use?




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