Priming and Setting on Combination skin!

Hello beauties,

On today’s post, we are going to talk about the importance of priming and setting your makeup. If you are a Beautyworkers follower, you may or may not have read our post about the differences of setting and finishing powders, but if not, take a look here.

One of the issues that keep coming up is “What’s the best primer for my combination skin” or “Do I need to use a primer every time I use makeup?”.

Well, I’m not a professional but I have combination skin and I understand the struggle.

Sometimes I try a foundation and I think that it’s not the right for me, but the problem could be the fact that I’m not using the right primer to that particular type of foundation or maybe I’m not setting it well. It’s a complicated process, I know!


As I said, I have combination skin but in Summer it tends more to the oily side, especially on my nose and a little bit on my forehead. I know that people with oily skin will have a younger complexion for more time because of all that oil but if you have oily skin you know that is a struggling beauty. It’s a struggle!! But there are ways to control the oil on the skin when we have makeup. Hurrah!

The first step is priming! In summer I like to use a primer with a mattifying effect. For example, the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer ($37.00) or the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer Perfector ($38.00). The second is really good, and the matte effect tends to last a lot of time on my skin- I just finished mine and I have to buy another. Make sure the product is everywhere on your face skin and that you don’t feel it moving. Then you can apply your favorite foundation and concealer.


Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer



Sephora Collection Beauty Amplifier Ultra Smoothing Primer


In Winter my combination skin tends to be drier so I use another type of primer, like the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer ($32.00). This primer does magic to my dry patches and winter dry skin. It’s like a hydration boost without making it oily.


Too Faced Hangover Primer


The second step is setting! You can set your makeup whether it’s Summer or Winter! You can use the well known Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder ($38.00) or the Kat Von D setting poder ($30.00). Use a big fluffy brush and pat and roll the powder on your skin – you have to press it but never swipe it. This step will make your makeup last because it catches some oils before they get to the skin superficial.


Kat Von D Setting Powder


Everyone can use a setting powder, even the ones with dry skin. More on summertime because you sweat and this type of powder will help you making your makeup flawless and in place.

Finally, you can use a setting spray. I like the Urban Decay De-slick oil-control Setting spray ($32.00). This has a mattifying effect and you will immediately see that when applied, this spray will ‘melt’ everything, so you will stay with a more natural finish instead of a powdery one.


Urban Decay de-slick Makeup Setting Spray


In winter, as my skin is drier I tend to use the Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting spray ($30.00), it’s great to set and make your makeup last for ever (got it??). Even in summer, if I want a more radiant finish I use this spray!


Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix Setting Spray


So beauties, this is currently what I use to prime and set my combination skin!


What are your favorite products for priming and setting your makeup? Leave a comment down below, I would love to know.



2 thoughts on “Priming and Setting on Combination skin!

    1. Hi! I don’t use a primer every day, I just use it when I want my makeup to last or just to give that flawless effect. With some Foundations, unfortunately I can’t skip primer but with the majority I just use a good hydrating creme 🙂 thank you for the reading and comment! xx


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