Sephora Skincare Treatment

Hello beauties,

Last week I went to Sephora to try the Dafni brush and I don’t know how but I left the store with a Clarisonic in a bag! By now, I have a lot of confidence with all the Sephora employees (the ones from my Sephora City) and one of them invited me to go there so she could give me a cleaning experience. I didn’t say no, and I’m so happy with the decision!

First, they are all so nice and as soon as I entered the store, she was already waiting for me (my boss can’t read this but it was on my spare hour). We talked about how I felt using the Clarisonic for almost a week, my fears and some questions I had about the machine.

Next, while I relaxed in a comfortable chair, she cleaned my skin with the Clarisonic. My only complaint was that she only had the brush for deep cleansing and I immediately felt the difference between that brush and the one I have in my clarisonic mia 2.


Then, after washing the remaining cleanser, she applied the first mask – Sephora Collection Bubble Mask Detoxifying & Oxygenating. This mask was different because, upon contact with air, the gel texture transforms into detoxifying micro-bubbles. It’s used to eliminate impurities and traces of pollution and it’s formulated with oxygenating white tea. We feel the bubbles forming and the sensation is very strange but good.


The second mask was the Sephora Collection Peel-off Radiance and Smoothing. This is a new product and I was the first person to try it (at least in that store). It has grapefruit and Vitamin E for a boost of radiance. It also cleanses impurities and smooths the skin. I like it, a lot.

Stay with me beauties, we are in the middle of the routine!


Third mask: Rexaline Hydra-Shock Mask. I have combination skin but my skin is also very dehydrated, so I have to use a hydrating mask (every 15 days). I was torn with this mask because she applied a thick layer on my checks and just a little bit on my T-zone. My T-zone immediately absorbed the product but I felt my checks a little sticky. She gave me a sample to try in the future. hummm I love samples!

Then she applied a tonic from Sephora Collection, for sensitive skins. And in the end an eye cream and the Chanel day gel-cream (which is the same I have in my home and use every day).

And it was this! I have to be honest and between all these masks and creams I think I fell asleep for some minutes. In the end, I was so relaxed and happy – it was the perfect gift for the woman’s day! This routine should only be made on every 15 days or when we want to pamper our skin because we don’t need to use so many products on every day.

I didn’t purchase nothing but I brought some samples to try but I’m very interested on the first two masks (the bubble mask and the peel-off mask), so probably my next trip to sephora will be to buy these two products (let’s be real, I will probably bring more but hey!)


I’m going to my second week using the clarisonic and for now I’m really liking it. But next month I will write a post just to talk about my daily routine with the clarisonic. If you have any questions regarding the clarisonic be sure to comment so I can answer you!





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