Yves Rocher Makeup Haul

Hello beauties,

If you are a beautyworkers follower, you know that we love Yves Rocher’s brand. First, because the products are made with natural resources and second because they have a great price/quality. So, this week I had a surprise because my latest order from Yves Rocher arrived! Hurrah

With no more delays let me show you what I got.

(disclaimer- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate links)


40- eyeshadow palette

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Just as the name says, this palette brings 40 different eyeshadows. 9 of them have a matte effect, 7 a sparkling effect and 24 a pearly effect (nacré). I made swatches of all of them but I still didn’t have time to try all of them on my eyes. I have to say that some are very pigmented but other not so. The matte shadows are a little bit dusty but nothing too major.


* 22,95€


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Eyeshadows lifeproof


These are a new Yves Rocher launch! I bought two: 01. Nude mat and 05. Turquoise

The turquoise is very pigmented and beautiful but the Nude mat is not the best color for my skin tone because I can’t see any color on my skin. You can use them as an eyeliner or as a normal eyeshadow. They are creamy but not greasy! Allegedly they are waterproof, everything proof but I have to use it more to give my opinion.


* 19,80€


Botanical Color Blush


For quite a time I wanted to buy a pink matte blush but when I go to Sephora all I can see are sparkling blushes. So when I saw this I had to buy it. I opted for the 02. Rose Camélia. This is not totally matte but I don’t mind just a little bit of sparkling. And it smells so good, I didn’t know blushes could have a smell but I’m not mad about it, at all!


* 6,99€


Eyebrow mascara and Eyebrow Pencil 12h Precision


I bought the wrong shade! I needed one shade darker than this but I still can use the eyebrow mascara ( and I like how it tamed my wild eyebrows)but the pencil is too light and it doesn’t have too much pigment. It also brings a little brush (very good) on the other end of the pencil.


* 8,90€ and 7,90€


Take on in consideration that the prices can change from month to month.





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