[Sephora Collection] Bubble mask detoxifying oxygenating

Hello beauties,

A few weeks ago I told you about a skin cleansing treatment that I made on Sephora (here). They used a lot of masks on me, one of them was the peel-off mask, which I loved so much that I made a post about it last week (here).

This week I’m going to talk about another one – the first that they applied to me – the Bubble Mask Detoxifying Oxygenating by Sephora Collection. I’m getting more and more in love with Sephora collection brand – they are affordable and with a lot of quality.


But let’s focus on this mask and on what they promise:

‘This detoxifying bubble mask acts like a shot of oxygen for dull, tired skin.

  • This micro-bubbles mask removes surface impurities and pollution that make skin dull. Day after day, it loses the ‘blahs’ and appears more vivacious.
  • Its formula contains white tea extract and derivate of vitamin E whose anti-oxidant properties protect the skin from exterior aggressions. The complexion is fresher, purer’
According to their searches:
  • skin is detoxified: 86%
  • skin seems re-oxygenated: 92%
  • complexion is purer: 90%
  • skin is more luminous: 90%


How to use

Once a week, apply a fine layer, on a slightly humid skin. Let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes until its texture becomes frothy. Massage with fingertips and rinse with water.


1 minute
2 minutes






Final thoughts

I really like it. So much that I only waited a few days to buy it after the first time I tried it in the store. It’s very easy to apply, and fun. When you start to feel the bubbles popping on your skin, it’s a weird feeling but I feel somewhat relaxed.

According to the information, it’s suited for all skin types. When you rinse it off, you feel your skin refreshed. I have combination skin and this makes my skin like velvet. I always use a good moisturizer after.  But if you have very dry skin, I advise you to use a good moisturizer cream like me or even a moisture mask.

Besides feeling the skin refreshed, when I take it off, I see my skin tone more even, and the skin tone a little lighter, so it has a clarifying effect too.

It has tea white and a derivate of vitamin E, which contains antioxidants that protect the skin against pollution and other exterior aggressions…points to that!

As I said, I like this mask, I really feel that it does something to my skin, leaving my skin less dull and cleaner. I like to use it before the peeling-off mask by Sephora Collection too.


The package brings 40mL 1.35 Fl.oz. and cost me 13.95€, you can buy it on a Sephora store or online.


Do you like this type of masks? Comment down below, if you know about a good mask that I need to try.







6 thoughts on “[Sephora Collection] Bubble mask detoxifying oxygenating

  1. I have the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Mask and I do like it! I love how it is clay mask but does not have that tight feeling on the skin like other clay based masks 🙂 This one from Sephora looks interesting, now if only there was a Sephora in Finland! 😣

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      1. Yes I could, but the last I checked the shipping to Finland was crazy expensive (like 30 euros or something). Also the page was only in French so it was a bit of a hassle all in all 😀 I have not checked their page in a while though, perhaps the shipping cost has changed then…

        Liked by 2 people

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