What I bought on my trip to Spain/Andorra

Hello beauties,

Recently I took a snow trip to Andorra and made some stops through Spain. During that stops/visits, of course, I bought some goodies to try.

As you know, for now, we live in Portugal and unfortunately, some brands are not available and others don’t even make deliveries to this country. In a confession mode, I don’t understand why, especially in the days that we are now. Portugal is not anymore that small country that no one knows, or so small that doesn’t matter. In the present day, Portugal is well known in a good way and in so many things that I really don’t understand why some brands still insist on not selling here. Come on, even Madonna lives here (well, sort off).

Well, I feel better and much lighter after this vent, so let’s talk about what I bought in my snow trip.


The first thing that I bought was still in Portugal, and I bought especially for this trip. When we do ski, is not good to use makeup because you are going to sweat and the goggles are going to mark the face. So I bought the Shiseido BB perfect hydrating cream BB cream to just give me a little hint of color and not looking like a zombie while doing the slots. During the ski, we tender to take some pictures so it’s nice to look presentable. I can say that this BB was a nice surprise, first because I don’t have great experiences with Shiseido’s makeup products. But this was great, it didn’t give me breakouts and lasted all day.


In Zaragoza, my hotel was near one giant Sephora, and we need to thank god that I only had like 5 minutes to be on the store because there were so many products that are unavailable in Portugal. In this store, I just bought two things.
And if you follow this blog and you read our segment “is new and we want to try”, these products were there.

The first was the Lipstick Queen frog prince in travel size. I already tried and the color that my lips stayed with it is really pretty and natural. Just a better version of my lip color.


The second product that I bought in Zaragoza was the Fenty beauty by Rihanna gloss bomb. I didn’t try it because is a present to Rita, but I can say that the package is beautiful and the smell is amazing.


In Andorra doesn’t exist a Sephora store, but they had some good stores and one of them is Nyx. I bought the Powder Puff lippie. This exists in Portugal but some colors are sold out, so this was a good way to try them. If you want to know our opinion on this lippies you can click here.


In the beauty department that was what I bought. But on a snow trip, and when we are doing Ski, safety is the most important. So I bought a new helmet from the brand Cairn. I used it all week and I can say that is extremely comfortable so I can say that was a good purchase.


Well, that’s it. What do you think of my purchases? Do you want to know more about my trip or what was the makeup that I used while during ski? Comment on what you think and your experiences on snow trips.




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