Monday Mask – Maskcream Hydrogel mask hydrating

Hello beauties,

Are you searching for a really intense hydrating mask?

If the answer is yes, keep reading.

This mask is not new, it already exists in the market for quite some time. But for no reason, I had never tried this mask, and you know how much I love Isdin. Their foundation is excellent and their undereye cream is one of my favorites.

This Maskream is composed by:
• Aquamover – that mobilizes the aquaporins in the skin, improving the water uptake. These proteins carry water directly to the cells, ensuring long-lasting and intense moisture;
• Vitamin B
• Vitamin C – these 2 vitamins help defend the skin from external aggressors, strengthening the natural barrier;
• Essential Amino acids – revitalizing effect




It also has a technology that is called “Slow Release technology”, that basically helps to release the effects immediately but also through time.

• Intense Moisturize
• Revitalize appearance
• More vital and fresh appearance

Application mode:

This mask is indicated for normal and dry skin types, but I think that an oily dehydrated skin will also appreciate it.

How to apply:
1. After removing the mask from the cover, remove one of the protective films that come with it;
2. Adjust the mask to your face;
3. Remove the protective film from the other side;
4. Adjust the mask to the contours of your face:
5. Leave it for 20 minutes;
6. Remove the mask;
7. Gently massage the remaining serum until it is fully absorbed.

A tip that I have to you: On the cover, you will have an excess of product and you can use it as a serum.



Final thoughts

The studies that Isdin have on the site says that 97% percent of the people felt an intense hydration.
When I did this mask, my skin suffered from an entire week in the snow, where it snowed every single day. I’m saying this for you to understand the freezing that was, and how severe were the external conditions to my face. When I did this mask I had some flaking, from how dry it was, unfortunately, I didn´t took a picture of my skin in that conditions to do a before/after, but I can say that my skin is no more flaking, and it feels more refreshed and hydrated .
This mask has BeautyWorkers approve, in terms of hydration, and once more we can say that Isdin doesn’t do wrong.

Do you have some new masks for me to try?

Thanks for reading



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