[Essence] Mermaid Highlighter

Hello beauties,

If you follow the new trends, you will notice that we are going through a phase of rainbows, unicorns and mermaids. Tarte, Ciaté and Wet and Wild are some examples of brands that launched products with these themes. But not everyone can spend $30 on a highlighter, right?

Do not despair, I found a dupe that combines the mermaid and the rainbow theme. Two for one and at a good price! It’s the Essence Mermaid Highlighter ($4.90).


‘The highlight powder with six radiant colors including yellow, purple and turquoise is reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail and provides the cheeks and face with the shimmering glow of a magical underwater world. Those who love the sparkle of the surface of the ocean will love this highlighter as it creates a unique glow’.

The Mermaid Highlighter is from the new Essence Spring 2018 Collection and if you are curious, check the rest of the coll croon products. They are all so girly and pretty.


I really think this is a dupe for the Too Faced Rainbow Strobe Highlighter ($30.00), Wet n wild Unicorn Glow ($5.99) and maybe a little bit the Ciaté London Mermaid Glow Highlighter (£26.00). Although, I think that the Too Faced has more glitter.


Final thoughts

The product comes in a package that reminds a mermaid’s tail with six different colors. It brings a considerable quantity of product (10g).

If you want something different without spending all your money, then this is for you.

I was a little afraid because this includes purple and turquoise pigments and I’m very pale, which could be the recipe for a disaster. But I somewhat liked the effect because it didn’t show up a rainbow on my face. If you swatch on your hand, you will see a golden color but when applied, on different angles and lights, you can spot the gold and sometimes a little but in purple. It’s not glitter, don’t worry, but a really nice sparkle.


I think someone with a more dark tone will absolutely love this product. I’m too pale.

Don’t expect this to last forever, it doesn’t last too much, but as it fades, you will be left with a subtle golden tone.


the summer is coming and that means parties, concerts, dates outside with friends… and for that, I think this is a great product. But for a day at work, not so much!


Do you like to use this kind of different highlights? Which one have you tried?




One thought on “[Essence] Mermaid Highlighter

  1. High-end highlighters – Becca and I’ve tested these ones only because I bought them at a Sephora Private Sale. I really love them!

    Drugstore highlighters- I really like Alverde ones (liquid), Makeup Revolution and Essence!

    I haven’t tested the rainbow one yet, but I want to!


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