[Becca] Backlight Priming Filter

Hello beauties,

I was not going to talk about this product because is not new and a lot of people already talked about it.
But there are products that deserve to be talked even more, because you´re not expecting anything and at the first try, they blow you away, making you rave about it with everyone.

Like Rita said, “it´s so good when we find a product that we love”.

The product that I’m talking about, and you probably already guessed it for the title, is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter.


I bought it in one of my trips to Sephora just because I’m loving more and more Becca’s products and I wanted to try one of their primers. I saw this one and immediately bought it.

The Becca Backlight Priming Filter, as the name says, is a primer that blurs the imperfections and gives a radiant glow to the face for all skin types.

It can be used to:
• Prolong the wear time of the Foundation;
• Give a radiant glow to the face;
• Blur imperfections.

This primer is made with crushed pearls to give that radiant glow we all want, and an important thing is that doesn’t have parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.


This primer can be used in two ways.

– Under Foundation: if you use it this way, wait some seconds for it to dry before applying the makeup.
– Alone, just after the skincare to give an awake skin with a radiant glow.

To apply it, put a thin layer on the moisturize skin from the center to the outward of the face. Put where you need, just in some spots or like me all over the face.

Final thoughts

This is a new product in my collection, but I’m hooked on it. I already used it in both ways, under makeup and alone.

When I used it alone my skin was so flawless, no imperfections were visible, (my skin is been really good and that has something to do with a product that I review here), the pores were not noticeable, my skin was radiating health and glowing like an Instagram model, if I can say that. I wished that you could see the differences in the photos because is astonished the photo with the Becca primer and without it.

I’m writing this on a day that I used it under makeup, and I spent the day walking and visiting my beautiful country in a heat day. In the photos that I took today my skin is glowing in the perfect way. My skin was soft, hydrating and radiant, and I had a lot of compliments.

Becca says that this primer is for all skin types, but I’m being honest when I say that I’m not sure if an oily skin will love it. Just because the glow that this gives, I imagine that an oily skin with their ‘natural’ glow or as you call it ‘oil’ don’t want even more ‘glow’ to it. Right?

I’m going to try more products from Becca because I’m loving this brand more and more. If you loved it as I do, it costs $18.00 in the 15mL or 38$ in the normal size. You can buy here.


What was that product that you tried without big expectations and blow you away? I would love to hear your stories.






(disclaimer- this is not an ad, sponsored and does not contain any affiliate link).

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