[Clinique] Beyond Perfecting foundation + concealer | Hit or Miss??

Hello beauties,

Today we are going to talk about a foundation that’s not new but grabbed my attention because I only see one or two reviews about it – Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation.




Clinique’s a brand that is specialized on skincare but also makeup that’s good for the skin. I have others foundations, like the Even better glow (that I absolutely love) and the Superbalanced.

As always, let’s start with the box’s information:

‘A Foundation-and-concealer in one for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores. Color stays true, even through sweat and humidity. For complete coverage, dot all over face and blend. use the unique applicator to spot-conceal. Oil-free’.

Very promising, right? After using this foundation for almost two weeks, I think that it has good things but also bad.


The packaging and applicator are exactly the same as the Tarte’s Foundation/concealer. I think it’s easy to use, but not good if you have breakouts because the applicator will contaminate all the rest of the foundation. But there’s a simple solution that is taking the foundation to your hand instead to your face. I would love if this had a pump.

The range of color is very poor, all the colors are too dark. Saying that, I bought the second lightest shade, which is 01 linen, that may look light but it oxidizes…a lot! When it dries, the color turns darker and orange. For now, I’m not entirely mad because I’m a little more tanned and I can push it a little bit to the neck but for the winter…no!


01 Linen – on top (immediately after apply it), down (after 2 minutes we can see some oxidation)


It claims that it self-adjusts to the skin color but I didn’t notice that on me. I advise you to try before and give it a few minutes to dry down and see if the color matches your face.


I normally have a lot of problems with foundations, because they tend to cling to my nose area and emphasize my dry patches. This foundation is medium to full coverage and a little bit goes a long way. I had to play a little bit to make sure it didn’t look cakey or feel heavy. It took me almost a week to see the best way to apply it…but I did!

  1. I tried it after using a primer and with a brush – it clung to dry spots.
  2. I used without a primer, but it looked cakey.
  3. I used a damper beauty blender but it looked too heavy for me. If you like full coverage, this method is for you!
  4. Finally, I found a way that looks so pretty and exactly how I like: I use half of the primer and half of the Foundation, but at the same time, with my favorite brush. It makes the foundation less heavy and not cakey, at all. It looks perfect on my T-zone (where I have more problems) and very natural but at the same time with a perfecting finish.
(the primer that I use is the Hangover by too faced. I tried others but this is the best to use with this Foundation. If you don’t have this but another with hydrating properties, try it).


Final thoughts

Do I like this foundation? Now that I found the best way to use it, yes. But when it’s over, I think this is not a product that I will repurchase, only if Clinique increase their color range.


I really like how this makes my skin look almost perfect but I’ve been noticing that after a couple of hours this foundation emphasizes my fine lines on the forehead. So, this definitely doesn’t have a matte finish, I think it’s more a natural finish.

I have to set it well in my oily spots or it will be a little greasy after a couple of hours (sometimes when I want more glow, I don’t set it).

I love the fact that this doesn’t break around my nose/mouth/chin like some foundations. And for me, I noticed that it has a big longevity after I set it with a powder.

This foundation is also labeled to use as a concealer, but personally, I like to use a concealer with a lighter shade so it can brighten mine under eyes. But if you are on a rush, you can use just this product and you will look fine. For really dark circles, this is perfect as a concealer because of its color- it covers really nice.

If you want a full coverage Foundation this one will definitely do the trick! I wish you good luck to find your shade!

Now, let’s talk about Money, Money… Clinique is labeled as a high-end brand, and so, I don’t think this is very expensive. It costs $29.00, brings 1 fl.oz/30ml but as I said, a little goes a long way.


Have you tried this foundation?





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