[Sephora Collection] Pineapple nose mask – Hot or not?

Hello beauties,

About a month ago, Sephora launched a bunch of really cool masks. Are they good? I don’t know, I still didn’t try all but I have to be honest and say that all look very appealing.

Yesterday I went to Sephora and made some shopping (I had to enjoy the 20% sales) and decided to pick at last minute the Pineapple nose mask.


I wanted the Algae face mask, but it was unavailable at that store (bummer) but overall I was happy with the Pineapple nose mask because my nose is a problematic area and everything that can help, I want!

According to the information, the Pineapple nose mask is

‘An ultra-fine bio-cellulose mask that hugs the contours of the nose to minimize the look of pores in just 15 minutes. A shot of serious skin care and fun’.

Enriched with pineapple extract of natural origin, this mask:

  • tightens and minimizes the aspect of pores;
  • refines and evens the look of skin texture;
  • for less visible pores and visibly smoother skin.



How to use

  1. Unfold the mask and remove the protective film from one side of the mask.
  2. Apply the mask to clean, dry skin then peels off the second protective film. Adjust the mask’s position if necessary.
  3. Leave on for 15 minutes then gently remove the mask. No need to rinse.



Final thoughts

Pineapple is known for its skin-perfecting powers, so I was very excited to see the results of this mask. I normally read all the instructions before buying a product (or at least I give it a quick reading) but I didn’t notice that on the back it’s written that ‘for even more efficient results, use the charcoal nose strip first’ and that could mean that both mask work in synergy and I could see more results using the two.

If that’s the case, then both masks should be on a pack because let’s be real, not everybody reads the back of the packaging (and the small letters).

I didn’t have the Charcoal nose strip at home, but I did have a lot of clay masks, so first I used one from Sephora Collection.

After that, I used the Pineapple mask. The first film was very easy to take off and I applied the mask very easily. The second film was a little more difficult to take off because the actual mask is very thin and it moves a little bit. But with time and patience, it’s easy to adjust the mask.

I don’t complain about the smell, it reminds me the smell of pineapple jelly. And the fact that we don’t need to rinse it off, makes this mask practical.

I felt that this mask moisturized my nose skin. After taking it off, my skin was smoother and with a yummy smell. Looking closely, I can tell that the pores looked a little bit less visible but nothing extreme or visible by far.

The fact that this mask should be used after the charcoal nose strip makes sense, in theory, the Charcoal mask is a purifying mask that will clean the pores and this one is a pore perfecting, which means that it will shrink the pores – I repeat, in theory!

The mask is not expensive ($3.00), but I think that there’re better masks for this purpose. This mask is what they say: fun! Easy to apply and great if you don’t have time. Also, perfect if pores are not the main concern.

Have you tried this mask alone? Did you saw results?






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