Essence ‘Kiss the…’ Lipsticks | Beautyworkers approved?

Hello beauties,

A couple of months ago, Essence launched a really interesting collection of lipsticks – and we needed to share with you these weird products.

This collection it’s called ‘Kiss the …’. Dots for the animal. Yes, each lipstick has a different “animal” associated.


The collection has four lipsticks and the interesting and funny part is that they change color. Nothing new but WTF, right?!

We bought the four lipsticks to show you what is the color in the lipstick and what shows on our lips. Take into consideration that the color that will show may be different from lip to lip.


But first let’s talk about the similarities in the four lipsticks:

They are balms: these lipsticks are very moisturizing and when applied to the lips they give comfort and the feeling that your lips are hydrated.
The Scent: all of them have a fruit scent, that is very noticeable but in a soft way.
The Color: each one of them has different colors but all of them turn pink, in different shades of course.


01 Kiss the frog 02 Kiss the Unicorn


03 Kiss the Mermaid 04 Kiss the Flamingo


The secret
The secret of this lipsticks is using the pH of our lips and turn to pink depending on that.

Like we said before they are 4 lipsticks, that we have to show now…

01 Essence Kiss the Frog lipstick, that will switch to a fairytale princess.


02 Essence Kiss the Unicorn lipstick, that will turn you into a rainbow sparkle.


This one have sparkle glitter that can been seen if you look closely.



03 Essence Kiss the Mermaid lipstick, to become mesmerized.


04 Essence Kiss the Flamingo, take it flamincool.


The 04 is different from the others ones because of this turn from a neon pink to an individual pink.


Final Thoughts

Essence created a fun collection with a nice package and such fun names. If you like a color on your lips but you also like lipsticks like balms, then these are perfect for you.

This collection looked like a good collection to give to your daughter or niece because it looks like kids makeup, but it was a surprise to see how good quality these are and for a nice price too!

Also, something that I want to enhance is the durability of the color. They have an ink color. I can guarantee you, that I put it at 8 AM, and at 8 PM I still could see a pink shade on my lips. They were more pink than usual. That for me is great because we are talking about a very creamy balm.


5 hours and the lips are still with a lot of color


You can definitely use these products on you! They’re beautyworkers approved!



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